VICTIMS OF A CLOWN (a Mixtape by Guerino dedicated to the Republic Day in Italy)


I hope you will enjoy this new mixtape I made this morning to celebrate the Day of the Republic in Italy, which is strongly inspired by the recent events in Italian Politics but also the large scale geo-political situation of our planet.

You fill find inside all the best and latest Industrial Metal and Electro Rock songs of the last few months, including brand new songs by Burn The PriestSkin Of Cecile, Ministry, and many others.

The complete playlist is the following:

  • Intro: Noises + Make America Great Again by Selected by Guerino
  • Jesus Built My Hotrod by Burn The Priest
  • Nuovi Ministri by Selected by Guerino
  • Victims of a Clown by Ministry
  • Come To Me by Skin Of Cecile
  • U.S.A. by Ost+Front
  • David Fucking Bowie by Powerman 5000
  • Morgenland by Letzte Instanz
  • Vorhang auf by Megaherz


The file of the mixtape may be downloaded through many online services (an example is, but feel free to contact me if you don’t manage to get it.



As an amateur runner and music lover, one of my favorite things has always been to prepare by myself the music mixes to accompany my training sessions. Inspired by a few mixtapes I downloaded in the last month, I decided to start a new project dedicated to the fantastic music of The Prodigy, which has been always one of the best bands to select as the background for high intensity workouts.

I will share my project for other running lovers. I start today with one of the first tracks I made for the project, it’s a mix called WE HAVE A LIFTOFF. The duration is about 18 minutes and it contains 5 tracks from various albums by The Prodigy: Climbatize, Narayan, Destroy, Omen, Warrior’s Dance, and Thunder. Enjoy the mix and stay tuned for the forthcoming excerpts.