ROCK HARD, RIDE FREE – The Mixtape (Volume 1, February 2018)


ROCK HARD, RIDE FREE is the new series of mixtapes presenting the best and latest songs in Hard Rock. Songs are selected and mixed by Guerino.

Volume 1 of the Mixtape was published on February 2018 and features new songs by As They Come, Audrey Horne, Clincher, Mystic Prophecy, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, Starcrawler, Trespass, Tricklebolt.

You’ll find below a few additional info on the bands featured in the current volume of the mixtape series.


As They Come, from Portugal, are a talented motorcycle rock band active since 2012. The songs of their debut full-lenght work, To The Road, are characterized by a quite easy approach to stoner rock, with direct and essential rhythms and texts, without too many conceptual frills. What you don’t miss in their songs, however, is the incredible load of adrenaline and energy that fills every second of the record. That’s a very interesting and surprising debut LP and this band is worth to be tracked in their next steps. As They Come contribute to the mixtape with the song Mind Fucked.

Audrey Horne - 1300

Norwegian band Audrey Horne is one of those groups that have clearly established what their models are, what music they want to play, and they just continue to refine, improve and polish up their output. With their last LP, Blackout, they arrived to the remarkable result of six albums in thirtheen years of career, all of them dedicated to carrying forward the banner of their special style of hard rock. The music played by the band is deeply rooted into the legacy of the 70s and enriched with the insertion of melodic elements of heavy-metal derivation. As They Come contribute to the mixtape with the epic track This Is War, which has clear reminiscences of British Heavy Matal (the bass line could be really taken from an Iron Maiden’s song).

Clincher - 1300

Clincher is an Australian Rock band from Perth, whose fame has not yet crossed national borders but which periodically publishes honest and genuine music, without too many frills but with everytime with a few interesting tracks. This description applies perfectly to Habits Of The People, their latest album, which has a couple of particularly enjoyable songs to store in our music archives. Clincher contribute to the mixtape with the energic song Planes Ladder, which has maybe one of the most intriguing choruses of the entire compilation.

Mystic Prophecy - 1300

Mystic Prophecy is a metal band from Germany which was formed in 2000 and that over the years has lost one after the other all the original members of the band with the exception of singer Roberto Dimitri Liapakis. Their last album, Monuments Uncovered, presents a collection of funny covers of historical pop and rock songs – revisited in a hard rock – from which we extracted the funny Hot Stuff to be part of the mixtape.


Welsh rocker and former Motörhead guitarist Philip Campbell is one of those musicians who have lived with bread and rock since childhood, therefore we could’n expect any particular surprise from his solo debut album, The Age of Absurdity, particularly if we consider that in this record he was supported by a group of musicians who include many members of his own family. This band is contributing to the mixtape with the stoner-anthem Welcome To Hell.

Starcrawler - 1300

The self-titled debut album by Starcrawler already entered the prestigious club of the Best New Music and they are therefore contributing to the mixtape with a couple of songs: Train and Pussy Tower. This promising band of young rockers from California has attracted in very short time the attention of fans and critics, and they are considered by many as one of the new formations that could revitalize rock and roll in the future years.

Trespass - 1300

Born and established in the metal scene when the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal was the reference metal genre, Trespass had to go through various (and long) period of crisis along the 40 years that have passed since their formation. What we have today is the third reincarnation of the band, which sees two of the three orginal founders of the group (Dave Crawte and Mark Sutcliffe) supported by new traveling companions. Their last album, Footprints in the Rock, proposes a very nice blend of classic heavy metal and rock. The band contributes to the mixtape with the excellent song Prometheus.

Tricklebolt - 1300

Tricklebolt, from Netherlands, are deeply inspired by classic rock bands of the 70’s like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Rainbow, and Thin Lizzy. Last year these guys spent most of their time to refine, record and produce their debut and self-titled album. They’re opening the mixtape with the enjoyable and joyful song High Trees.