REBEL INSIDE, The Best of New Punk Rock – Volume 2 / November 2017

This year we have enjoyed a good number of rock releases, and even if this genre has somehow lost the social impact it used to have a few decades ago, we still get excited when a vibrant guitar riff and a catchy melody arrive from the speakers. Punk Rock is not exception, and there are still many good bands engaged with fast-paced rhytms and essential instrumentations.

REBEL INSIDE is the series of mixtapes which celebrates modern punk rock. The second volume of the collection features a few punk rock veterans such as Anti-Flag (with their new beautiful LP American Fall), Goldfinger and 311, but also relatively more recent formations such as Nothington and Russkaja.

10 songs, 10 different expressions of punk rock, selected and mixed together in a single powerful compilation.


Volume 1 of the REBEL INSIDE collection can be accessed here:


REBEL INSIDE, Volume 01 – BEST OF NEW PUNK (July 2017)

Punk Rock never dies.

I’ve dedicated this new series of mixtapes, called REBEL INSIDE, to the wonderful world of Punk. There a high number of bands that keep playing and recording very good punk songs, all around the world. My job is to select the best and newests and mix them together. Start with the playlist, and then as usual you can find a few additional information after the widget.


This mixtape introduces a new band that we never included in any previous playlist. I’m talking about Cock Sparrer, a band of punk rock veterans that was formed in 1972 in the East End of London, After 45 years of playing together (they had actually a few lineup changes), they’re still on the road kicking asses! The band has recently released a new album, called Forever, which arrived 10 years after their previous LP. The new album is damn good and more refreshing and energetic than the average music produced by the younger generations. Incredibly strong, vibrant, punk to the bone. I’m in love with this album and I’ve taken two tracks for the opening and the conclusion of the mixtape, respectively.

COCK SPARRER - 1280x300


The second track of the mixtape was picked up from Odd Boat, the new album by American celtic punkers Flatfoot56. Someone may have noticed that this band appeared also in one of the recent rock mixtapes of this blog (I Found Another Beat, Vol.1). Their muxic in fact is a blend of traditional Irish folk music and punk and their music may be categorized in both rock and punk categories.

FLATFOOT56 - 1280x300


There’s also another band that contributed both to the succesful rock mixtape I Found Another Beat, Vol.1 and the present one which is fully dedicated to punk music. I’m talking about the German rock veterans Die Toten Hosen. They published this year the seventeenth studio album of their career (!), called Laune der Nature (Freak of Nature), from which I selected here the title track.

DIE TOTEN HOSEN - 1280x300


Eventually we arrived to one representative of the younger generations of punk rockers. The fourth song of the mixtape, named Bullshit, comes in fact from The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit, which is the second album released by Dune Rats, an Australian three-piece punk rock band from Brisbane.

DUNE RATS - 1280x300


With the next track we move from Australia to Finland, where the punk band Rejected is playing – since almost 20 years – an explosive blend of catchy melodies and street punk sounds. From their new album, Suicide Hotline, I selected the irriverent and bitter track called The World Is Going) Down The Drain.

REJECTED - 1280x300


The following track of the playlist comes from a frequent guest of my mixes: Danko Jones and their crackling and cheerful album Wild Cat. This is the eighteth album by the Canadian rock trio and it features an impressive selection of mainstream-ready hard rock and garage punk tunes, like the fast and unleashed I Gotta Rock that was selected for the mix.

DANKO JONES - 1280x300


Last contributor to this playlist is CJ Ramone, who was the “young guy” within the Ramones and who eventually started a solo career which already generated a few albums. American Beauty is the last release of CJ Ramone’s solo production and the third album of his studio discography. I’ve taken a couple of songs: Girlfriend In A Graveyard and Let’s Go.

CJ RAMONE 2 - 1280x300


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