METAL MILITIA: THE MIXTAPE WITH THE BEST OF NEW METAL. Volume 1, featuring Accu§er, Avatar, Bloodshot Dawn, Bombed Up, F.K.U., Machine Head, Of Mice & Men and Unshine.

With the new year I’ve decided to launch a new series of mixtapes, called METAL MILITIA, that in my intentions will become the periodic appointment of this blog in which I will present the most beautiful and compelling metal songs among those that are published recently. The main difference with the other series of mixtapes that are already managed and maintained by blog is that METAL MILITIA will be characterized by a relatively more flexible approach in combining together different metal sub-genres, but always maintaining a consistent musical development within each mix.

My mixtapes are made available through the Mixcloud streaming services. There a number of tools on the web that can assist you in case you want to download the mix and listen to it offline.

As usual, the running time of my mixtapes is approximately 30 minutes. This is because these mixes are always produced having in mind to support a running session of 1 hour, and it’s nice to choose every time a different couple of mixes before starting to run.

The first volume of METAL MILITIA, which has been produced and released on early February 2018, presents a selection of the best songs published in the first days of the year and features the following tracklist:

  • Solace In Sorrow by Accu§er
  • Kaleidoscope by Machine Head
  • The Funhouse by F.K.U.
  • Machine Gun by Bombed Up
  • Instincts by Of Mice & Men
  • A Statue of the King by Avatar
  • Survival Evolved by Bloodshot Dawn
  • Druids Are A-Coming by Unshine

A few additional information on the bands contributing to this mix are provided below. Enjoy!

Accuser - 1300

Accu§er, from Germany, started many years ago as one of the many metal bands inspired by Bay-Area thrash metal sytle but with time, album after album, they developed a more particular and personal sound, in this case clearly influenced by elements of groove metal. With their latest work, The Mastery, they have now reached the important number of 11 full-lenght discs released since their debut.

Machine Head - 1300

Machine Head, from the U.S., released at the end of January the ninth – and controversial – album of their career, named Catharsis. In continuity with their previous LPs, their sound has settled on a combination of groove and nu-metal, without any clear element of innovation.

F.K.U. 1300

F.K.U., from Sweden, is an old-school thrash metal band inspired by the world of horror and splatter movies (their name stands for Freddy Krueger’s Underwear). On late 2017 they released 1981, which is the fifth album of their quite long career. Their music is clear homage to the masters of thrash metal, with a sound that’s somewhere between Exodus and Anthrax.

Bommbed Up - 1300

Bombed Up, from Canada, today are among the most interesting representatives of the Death/Thrash style and their last album, No Excuses For The Living, imanages to combine a noteworthy experimental vein with the ability to develop songs that are still accessible and – in average – enjoyable to listen.

of mice and men BIS - 1300

American metalcore band Of Mice And Men had to face the departure of their charismatic lead singer shortly after the release of their previous album, a couple of years ago. Austin Carlile, who was also one of the two founders of the group back in 2009, had to leave his his companions for serious health reasons. The remaing members decided to continue and their new album, Defy,  sees the formation performing in the form of quartet, with the tasks of “unclean” vocalist taken in charge by bassist Aaron Pauley.

Avatar - 1300

Avatar, from Sweden, have never used half measures and in this latest work, Avatar Country, they brought their mix of humor, melody and innovation a step further than the past, with songs that absorb influences spanning from thrash, blues and country. The musical style of Avatar, sincerely, makes no sense, but it’s incredibly intriguing and attractive.

Bloodshot Dawn

Bloodshot Dawn is an interesting melodic death band from England. From 2012 to 2018 this group released three excellent records with the last one, named Reanimation, published at the beginning of January of 2018. In such time-span, however, they had to go through complicated reorganizations of the line-up and in practice today only one of the founders of the group – who’s the guitarist and singer Josh McMorran – is still playing in the band.

Unshine - 1300

Unshine are a gothic metal band from Finland, active since 2001, and which arrived with their new release, Atrala, to the fourth entry in their interesting discography. The band declares to play “druid metal”, but in the end their songs bring inside all the main elements of gothic music, in particular for what concerns the melanchonic, soft and feminine characters that we may appreciate in their music.