KING OF RUST, the mixtape with the Heaviest and Slowest SLUDGE Music

KING OF RUST is the new entry in Guerino’s collection of mixtapes. This series of mixtapes explores the fascinating world of Sludge, a musical genre that here in this blog we appreciate a lot. Sludge is abrasive doom metal music, often with hardcore punk and sometimes also noise rock influences.

The first volume of the mixtape series starts with a song extracted from the recent release by Electric Wizard, the British doom veterans, and then continues with other beautiful songs by Ufomammut, Amenra, Monolord, Fallow, Dopelord and Ordos, the latter already reported here as the best sludge band of the year.

The hunters now
Become the hunted
Here’s the darkness
That you always wanted

(from Mourning of the Magicians, Electric Wizard)