One of the most longeve series of mixtapes of this blog is back with a new fantastic collection of rock songs. I FOUND ANOTHER BEAT is the mixtape with only the top tracks of the last few months: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock and Punk Rock at their best.

Volume 5 of the series collects new tracks from the brand new albums by The Beaches, The Beaches,, Ghost AtlasFace The King, StereophonicsPrawn and Woolworm.

Don’t waste any more time, press play and unleash the energy of this incredible compilation. You won’t find anything similar. Pure and healty modern rock’n’roll.

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Volume 2 (06/2017) [featuring Hundredth, Royal Blood, Nickelback, Carousel Kings. Cloud Nothings, AFI]


Volume 1 (06/2017) [featuring ’68, Die Toten Hosen, Kasabian, Flatfoot56, Buttercup, Nothington]


I FOUND ANOTHER BEAT, Volume 4: The Best of New Rock.

As I already commented in a recent post, this year has been definitely positive for rock music with several good releases from new groups, but also by great bands that have confirmed the skills and talent they showed in the past. In addition we have seen the return of some interesting bands who interrupted periods of silence that, in some cases, have been very long.

Followers of the blog already know that with this series of mixtapes I’m celebrating the best rock bands among those which released their last LP in the recent times. I FOUND ANOTHER BEAT is your special selection of Indie Rock, Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, Post Punk, Hardcore Rock, and Hard Rock. In the fourth volume of the series you’ll find tracks taken from the new albums by Navier Gene, Circa Survive, Rise Against, Rainer Maria and many others. Enjoy!

These are the previous editions of the mixtape series:


VOLUME 3 (released on last September 2017 and featuring Gogol Bordello, Goldfinger, Bloodclot, Rise Against, Russkaja and others)


VOLUME 2 (released on last July and featuring Royal Blood, Hundredth, 311 and others)


VOLUME 1 (released on last June and featuring Kasabian, Die Toten Hosen, Nickelback, Lucky Boys Confusion, Wavves and others)


I FOUND ANOTHER BEAT – VOLUME 3, a Stratospheric Compilation with the Best of New Rock

This summer has given us a number of very good rock albums and the result is that the new volume of I FOUND ANOTHER BEAT mixtape series is maybe one of the best released so far. This compilation presents a special selection with the best tracks from the new albums by Goldfinger, Gogol Bordello, Rise Against and many other groups that have published their works in the recent weeks. Enjoy the mix and check for some additional info just below the widget.


RISE AGAINST - 1280x300

First track of the mixtape is the beatufiul song The Violence taken from the LP Wolves, which is the the last album by the American rock band Rise Against. The song selected for the mix has been the lead single for the new LP, and it was clearly inspired by the recent US Presidential elections. The song generated also some controversy when the band was apparently rejected to shoot the video because of the anti-american message that many recognized in the lyrics.


BLOODCLOT - 1280x300

Second track of the compilation is You’ll Be the Death of Me from Up In Arms, the new album by the US group Bloodclot, which contains an incredible mix of raw hardcore tracks with a heavy punk influences. The band is today a “supergroup” project featuring John Joseph of the Cro-Mags, a few former members of Queens of the Stone Age (the spectacular Joey Castillo on drums and the crazy Nick Oliveri on bass), and former Danzing guitarist Todd Youth. The album composed and recorded by these 4 influential musicians is one of the most impressive, violent and crusty things that have been published in last few months,


GOLDFINGER - 1280x300

I have already introduced The Knife, which is the new album by American ska-punk middle-aged rockers Goldfinger, when presenting my selection of the best albums of the summer. The album is definitely one of the most enjoyable things that have been released in the year and this is reflected also by the fact that you can find many of their songs in a number of Spotify selections, including the two tracks that I’ve selected for the mix, i.e. Who’s Laughing Now and Put The Knife Away. The group has crafted a special version of that horn-driven ska-rock punk which is often called as the “third-wave” of ska.


RUSSKAJA - 1280x300

Another nice surprise of the summer has been the last album by Russkaja , the ska-punk band from Austria who claim to be the inventors of the “Russian Turbo Polka Metal” and who’ve been spreading their sound since their debut in 2007. Their last effort, Kosmopoliturbo, is the 5th album of their discography and it sees the band merging together as many different musical genrese they could fit in a single LP. Despite the chaos of putting aside so many different influences, their songs are always nice to hear and vibrant. The track selected for the mix, Chef De Cuisine, is maybe one of the songs of the album which best represents their crazy musical style.



Last of the new entries in the new volume of the mixtape series is Gogol Bordello, the renowned American gipsy-punk band which has recently dropped on the shelves their seventh studio album, Seekers and Finders, which is also the first in four years. The LP offers their signature blend of ska, gipsy rock and punk, which is beautifully represented by the song I’ve chosen for the mix, Walking on the Burning Coal.


The remaining tracks of the mixtape come form artitst that were already presented in the past editions of the series or who are in any case regular visitors to the pages of this blog, i.e. 311, You Me At Six, and Dropkick Murphys.


The complete series of rock mixes:







I FOUND ANOTHER BEAT – Volume 2 – The Best New Rock Songs (July 2017)

The last few weeks have been quite good for the rock scene with a few major releases and also some nice surprises. I’ve collected the best new songs of this period and created the second volume of the mixtape series dedicated to rock music (see here for Volume 1).

The second volume of I FOUND ANOTHER BEAT features new entries from bands such as 311Hundredth and Royal Blood. All of them have dropped a new LP in the recent times, I’ve selected the best songs and mixed these together with a few other powerful tracks from the best rock albums of the year. The full list of rock bands featured in this second volume of the series includes You Me At SixNickelbackCloud Nothings, Carousel Kings and AFI.

The result is one of the strongest mix you will listen in this period: 30 minutes of energy, passion and even a few moments of reflection. Enjoy the mix, and you can also scroll down the page after the widget for a few additional information on the new bands that have been included in the mix.

First song of the mix is Disarray by the American rock band Hundredth, and it’s taken from their last album, RARE, released on mid June 2017. The album signs a new direction for the band: with this LP the four rockers have embraced a more melodic and “new wave” oriented approach which is definitely different (and maybe more enjoyable) than the melodic hardcore for which they were known in the past. Thanks to their new sound, which I definitely like, RARE became one of the most surprising releases of the last weeks to me, and I decided to put one of its songs as the opening track of the playlist.

HUNDREDTH - 1280x300


Among the new bands that entered the mixtape series we have the British rock duo Royal Blood with their awaited second album, How Did We Get So Dark?, which follows their eponymous succesful debut of three years ago. Even if I was expecting maybe something different in terms of musical evolution and innovation, the album presents that brilliant mix of hard rock and blues which made them earn quite a good reputation in the rock scene. The song which I selected for the mixtape, Hole In Your Heart, looks as one of the best and maybe more genuine tracks of the album.

ROYAL BLOOD - 1280x300


Readers of the blog remember that Mosaic, which is the last LP from the American rock band 311 (three-eleven), was awarded on last June with the title of best rock album of the month. This is the twelfth studio album of the band and it has already received very good reviews from both music critics and fans. Possibly one of the most complete rock albums of the last few months, Mosaic keeps the band’s unique mix of rap, rock and reggae but at same time it introduces a few additional elements in their palette of sounds, which make the album somehow new and refreshing. Plus One, which is the track included in the mix, is in fact more focused on alternative-rock sounds rather than their more convential musical style.

311 - 1280x300

As anticipated, in addition to the three bands I mentioned above, the mixtapes features other songs taken by albums that were already introduced and commented in previous posts of the blog.

The full playlists of the two volumes of the series is provided below. Enjoy!

I FOUND ANOTHER BEAT – Volume 1 (June 2017)

  1. No Montage by ’68
  2. Silent Majority by Nickelback
  3. Llass Los by Die Toten Hosen
  4. III Ray (The King) by Kasabian
  5. Daisy by Wavves
  6. P.S. by Flatfoot56
  7. Good Luck by Lucky Boys Confusion
  8. Gud Gurls by Buttercup
  9. Cobblestones by Nothington
  10. Fool’s Gold by Carousel Kings


I FOUND ANOTHER BEAT – Volume 2 (July 2017)

  1. Intro / Protests in Hamburg for the G20 by Guerino
  2. Disarray by Hundredth
  3. Plus One by You Me At Six
  4. Hole In Your Heart by Royal Blood
  5. Perfect Mistake by 311
  6. Feed The Machine by Nickelback
  7. Something Isn’t Right by Carousel Kings
  8. Realize My Fate by Cloud Nothings
  9. Still a Stranger by AFI


I FOUND ANOTHER BEAT – The Best New Rock Songs, Volume 01 (June 2017)

I Found Another Beat is the new series of rock mixtapes of this blog with all the best rock songs that are released in the last few weeks. This is going to be a regular publication and we’ll be capable to see which direction is taking modern rock by taking into account all of its main sub-genres: indie, alternative, punk, post-punk, post-rock, hard rock, ….

The first volume of the series features two very recent songs by ’68 and Nickelback, plus additional songs by authors like Kasabian, Nothington, Wavves, Buttercup and many others. You can access the mixtape through the widget below; after the widget you’ll find the commentary for all the 10 tracks of the playlist. Enjoy!!


The mixtape is opened by the poignant and wonderful song No Montage by the American rock duo ’68, which features guitarist and vocalist Josh Scogin (who previously played with The Chariot), and drummer Michael McClellan. The song is taken from Two Parts Viper, the second full-length studio album by the duo, which was released on June 2, 2017. The nice thing about this album is that the songs differ a lot one from the other, whilst maintaining a sense of coherence throghout the whole album. No Montage, the song I selected for the playlist, represents maybe the most melodic piece that the band ever recorded since their formation. This is definitely a band to keep following, not easy to digest at first but definitely interesting to hear.

'68 - 1280x300


The second track of the mixtape is Silent Majority by Canadian rockers Nickelback, who have just published their ninth studio album, Feed The Machine. Released on June 16, 2017, this work interrupts a period of inactivity due to singer Chad Kroeger needing to have surgery on his vocal cords and also a legal battle becaus of a cancelled tour. Feed The Machine doesn’t bring so much innovation on the sound of the band: mainstream rock anthems with powerful riffs and post-grunge elements. Nothing new, but this is not a bad album at all if you like their style. The track selected for the mixtape is my preferred: it has a catchy chorus and very nice melodies.

NICKELBACK - 1280x300


With the next song of the playlist we enter into the realm of punk. I was honestly surprised to hear Laune der Nature (Freak of Nature), the new album from German punk rock veterans Die Toten Hosen, released on May 5, 2017, which is the seventeenth studio album from the band. I was fascinated by the freshness and immediacy of the songs, and it’s clear that the guys from Dusseldorf still have a lot to say after so many years of playing together. The track included in the mixtape is Llass Los, one of my favourite of the album.

DIE TOTEN HOSEN - 1280x300


From a relatively niche band we move to a group that’s nowadays well known worldwide, KasabianFor Crying Out Loud, the new album published by the four rockers from Leicester on on May 5, 2017, is the fifth of their discography and it topped the UK music chart in the same week of its release. The musical formula of the album remains essentially the same of their previous works: the album is packed with easy to listen rock grooves and melodic anthems. These are songs which don’t pretend to bring any particular message or to represent any form of innovation but which manage to stay always away from mere formulas for the commercial success. The songs of the album have been recorded in only a few weeks and this helped to preserve the spirit of the immediacy of the entire work. The song included in the list is Ill Ray (The King), the record’s opening track.

KASABIAN - 1280x300


Next song of the playlist is Daisy, the opening track of You’re Welcome, the new album released (for free streaming) on May 19, 2017, by Wavves, the American rock band based in San Diego, California. The band formed in 2008 and started as the recording project of singer / guitarist Nathan Williams and then evolved into a more standard indie rock quartet. The new album is the sixth released by the band and it still keeps a garage-pop approach with brash noise and catchy choruses, even if with some elements of innovation from the previous works from the band. Daisy, the song selected for the mixtape, has all the typical elements of their sound and is also one of the nicest pieces of the album.

WAVVES - 1280x300


We enter the second part of the mixtape together with Flatfoot56 and their new album Odd Boat, released on March 14, 2017, which is the seventh produced by the American celtic punkers from Chicago and probably one of the best they released so far. The guys here keep playing their unique blend of traditional Irish folk music and punk rock, and the album is filled with catchy tracks, infectious energy and passion. P.S., the track included in the playlist, is a near hardcore rock anthem and it’s probably one of the best representatives of the sound of the band in 2017.

FLATFOOT56 - 1280x300


The following track is taken from STORMCHASERS, the new and long awaited album from Lucky Boys Confusion, the rock music band from Chicago which interrupted an eight years hiatus since their previous release. The new album, released on April 14, 2017, mixes elements of rock, punk, and pop, as shown by Good Luck, the song included in my playlist.



Next song is the irresistible and catchy Gud Gurls from the performance art collective Buttercup from Texas. Their newest record, Battle of Flowers, was released on April 14, 2017, and it’s their first recording to consist totally of live takes recorded in the band’s rehearsal studio, and probably one of their best album to date. Buttercup are one of those bands that have been playing good and solid rock for many years but they didn’t achieve the success and popularity they deserve.



We approach the final part of the playlist with In the End, the new studio release by San Francisco alternative-punk rockers Nothington. The album, which was awarded here in this blog as best rock album of April 2017, interrupts a period of silence of almost five years since their last studio release and it arrives when the band is celebrating ten years of activity. In their last work, the guys from California repeat their successful musical recipe without any particolar innovation: radio-friendly catchy rock and melodic punk-rock anthems, as represented by the song Cobblestones that is mixed in the playlist. There are a few moments in the album where the tones are a bit more thoughful and introspective, but the essence of their songwriting is definitely on the energy side. Sometimes we don’t need at any cost musical innovations or masterpieces, but just nice and good rock songs to put in our musical playlists.

NOTHINGTON Band - 1280x300


The mixtape ends with Fool’s Gold by Carousel Kings, the American easycore band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, whose last work, Charm City, was released on February 10, 2017. The album shows a variety of different influences and it’s a solid mainstream pop-punk record, here represented by the nice and happy Fool’s Gold, which concludes this first edition of the “I FOUND ANOTHER BEAT” series.

CAROUSEL KINGS - 1280x300.jpg


See you on next issue!!