THE POWER OF LIVE: a selection of the best live acts from the greatest bands of all time

Nowadays it’s extremely easy to find and enjoy live concerts from our favorite bands. You have just to put the name in the search bar of Yahoo or Google and you’re provided with so many options that you could stay one entire day in front of the screen and watch. Sometimes, however, we came across to a particulary well-recorded and exciting live session that it may worth to bookmark it. I also enjoy listening to live concerts when I do my 10 km running sessions, and that’s the reason why I’m particularly interested in high quality recordings so that I can feel the real energy of the music coming out from my headphones.

In this article today I present six different concerts taken from the list of my favorite live acts from the major bands in metal and rock. Some of them are quite recent (2017), others go back in time in the early years of the century. In all cases you will enjoy professional filming and good quality of the audio.



Metallica, Live from Edmonton, Canada (2017). Professional filming with Full HD streaming. Featuring tracks from the latest album but also many classic songs from their early years. Metallica are among the best bands on stage and this live demonstrates once more their skills as a live band.


Ret Hot Chili Peppers, Live @ Rock am Ring (2016). Professional filming with HD video. Much of the beauty of this live act is the crystalline way they managed to record the bass from Flea, who’s one the most talented and crazy bassists of all times. The tracklist features songs from the various stages of their career.


Korpiklaani, Live @ Masters of Rock (2014). Professional filming with full HD streaming. An impressive and energetic concert from the Finnish folk metal masters. This live doesn’t include songs from their newest LP, but you’ll find basically all the best songs of their career.


Linkin Park, Live in Spain (2010). Professional filming and HD stream. This concert was played as part of the MTV Europe Music Awards event and it summarizes all the different phases of the band.


Korn, Live in Amsterdam (2012). Professional filming and HD video.  One of the most clear live recordings from the Californian nu-metal band, which is particularly interesting for how it showcases the impressive rhythm section of their songs. The tracklist improves as the concert goes on.


Slayer, Still Reigning (2004).  Professional filming and the audio is particularly clear and effective. This live act shows the band in one of the peaks of their long and influential career. The line-up is the historical one with Dave Lombardo on the drums, Hanneman (R.I.P.) and King on guitars, and Tom Araya before the health issues which later started to impact his live performance. The tracklist focuses on the iconic Reign in Blood album (1986) but there are also many songs from their following LPs.



The Energy of Live: Selected Gigs from the Masters of Metal

Nowadays you can find on the web lots of amatorial or more professional recordings from live concerts. Very often, however, the quality is so poor that the video fails to provide an adequate representation of performance. I’ve selected a few very good recording from great metal bands which played live in the last few months. Enjoy!


Amon Amarth

Live in Moscow, Russia, September 2017 (Jomsviking Tour)



Live in Dinkelsbühl, Germany, August 2017 (Summer Breeze Fest)



Live in Moscow, Russia, July 2017



Live in Val de Moine, Clisson, France on June 2017 (Hellfest)


System of a Down

Live in Landgraaf, Netherlands, June 2017 (Pinkpop Festival)



Live in NY, USA, May 2017


On Tour with…. Guns N’ Roses

Let’s forget just for a moment that this is probably happening just for the money…. Let’s pretend for a few minutes that time has stopped while we were still young, at a time when we used to go out and socialize with real friends and we called them on the landline phone…. Done? Ok, now press play on the videos below…. and go back to the past. How many emotions!! This has really been one of the biggest bands on the planet.

These tracks are taken from the concert that Guns N’ Roses performed a few days ago at the Apollo Theater in New York. The concert is part of a tour which features three members of the original lineup: guitarist Slash, bassist Duff McKagan and singer Axl Rose. (more info are available on Blabbermouth).


On Tour with… Metallica

METALLICA - 1280x300

American thrash legends Metallica are travelling the World for their WorldWired tour. The band is promoting the last year album, Hardwired… to Self Destruct, which is the tenth studio LP of their glorious career. Metallica are sharing a number of live performance from this tour, including both new songs and old classics. And it’s always a pleasure to hear them play on stage. Enjoy!