Good and Free: Jeff Rosenstock, Destractive and Primordial Throne

It’s always a pleasure when a band or an artist choices to promote its music by giving the possibility to get the album for free. In this first week of the year I’ve found a bunch of very interesting LPs that have been published on bandcamp and made available for free download. Check them out! We have three different genres here: punk, thrash metal and atmospheric death metal.


After contributing to a number of punk bands in the U.S., American rocker Jeff Rosenstock started in 2012 an interesting solo career which already geneated 4 albums, the last one published on January 1st of 2018.

The new album from Jeff Rosenstock, POST-, is available on bandcamp and it can be downloaded with the “Name Your Price” formula, with no minimum value (i.e. it can be downloaded for free). After just a few days since its publication, the LP has already received very good reviews from a number of online magazines. The record contains in fact a very good collection of genuine, immediate and extremely engaging rock songs.

POST- takes the anxiety and effervescence of Jeff’s past material, and dips it into a sleeker metallic realism that somehow paints a better picture of the modern American better than WORRY (his previous LP). The true beauty of Jeff’s musical evolution on POST- is not its convenient consistency, or the more ambient production, but perhaps the messages entangled in the mess. POST- is a record that’s absolutely fed the fuck up with having to force happiness to stay alive, when it clearly doesn’t work. (sputnik music)


Destractive is a metal band from Helsinki, in Finland, which plays a combination of thrash and death with some elements from black metal. The band is active since 2007 but only this year they eventually arrived to publish a long-play work.

Their debut album, Propaganda, was released in the first days of 2018 despite the LP was recorded during the summer of 2015. The album is available for free download on bandcamp.


Primordial Throne is a one-man atmospheric death metal act living in Norway but born in British Columbia Canada. This metal project started in 2015 and after a first EP, released last year, there is now a first full-lenght album named Eidolon, published in the first days of 2018. Primordial Throne plays an interesting version of atmospheric death metal enriched with symphonic inserts.

The album can be downloaded for free on bandcamp.


Good and Free electronic tracks: Vision of Colour and Patrick Muschweck

It’s always nice when there are interesting and talented artists  who decide to promote their music making it available for free and at high quality. In this respect, Bandcamp music store gives us occasionally some real goodies.

I’m indicating in this post some of the most interesting things I have recently found on the site, all available for free in MP3, FLAC and other formats. Enjoy, and don’t forget to support the artists with some donation if you feel they deserve it.

Vision of Colour is a DJ and producer from Bristol who likes to play with many genres of electronic music, with special focus on deep house and UK garage. He has recently made available on Bandcamp a number of albums, all of them available for free donwload:  Legends, Trolls Weed & Ecstasy, Out Of Nowhere, Journey To The Past  and many others. Here there are some selected tracks, but you can download the entire collection from the associated pages.






Patrick Muschweck is a DJ, producer and sound engineer from Germany whose production is mainly devoted to dark & progressive techno. He has recently released a few  interesting tracks that are available for free dowload.





Good and Free: Mångata by If Anything Happens To The Cat

Sometimes it’s possible to find in the web interesting albums that are promoted by the artists and made available to the public for free. Bandcamp, in this respect, often gives some great surprises. One of the free to download albums I’ve recently encountered is a very nice progressive rock LP by a relatively young Belgian group called If Anything Happens To The Cat, which is a five-piece indie orchestra from Gent.

The band defines their music as an unpredictable mix between post-rock, shoegaze and indie rock. “Every song is a journey: through intertwining layers of guitars and synths, past flashes of vocals and guest instruments, often culminating into crushingly emotional climaxes“.

Their last album, Mångata, follows their debut work released in 2014 (Sun Drunk Moon) and it’s a very enjoyable collection of melodic progressive rock tunes, Check it by yourself and in case you like it you may download for free in different formats including MP3 and FLAC.

Good and Free: Moby’s More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse

MOBY - 1280x300.jpg

American DJ and record producer Moby has made available for free through his website the last album he realized with his project Moby & The Void Pacific Choir (where he plays with Mindy Jones, Julie Mintz, Jonathan Nesvadba, Joel Nesvadba, Jamie Drake and Lauren Tyler Scott). The album, named More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse, is the fourtheenth studio work by Moby and it’s the second one with the same musical project after last year’s These Systems Are Failing.

The album is a collection of hardcore and post-punk tracks, the dominating theme is a critic of the result of last United States presidential elections.

Good and Free: Firebird by Helengard

HELENGARD - 1280x300

Helengard is a contemporary folk metal project found in 2005. Their discography, however, is not particularly rich given that they released their first album in 2010, which is now followed by a second album, Firebird, that has been shared a few days ago on Bandcamp.

The two musicians behind the group, however, are far to be unknown. Anton “Hvar” Belov (who plays all the instruments) and Alina “Witch_A.” (singer), are two of the supporting members of the legendary Kauan (a band that here in this blog we love beyond any reasonable limit). As a matter of fact, Helengard may be thus be considered an effective spinoff of the main project of the two artists. And this, by itself, makes this album definitely of interest to us.

In addition to that, there are a couple of relevant things to point out. First, the album may be downloaded for free in MP3, FLAC and other formats (actually you can name your price if you want to actively support the band). Second – and most important – the songs of the album are really nice to hear! Check it out.

Good and Free: KAUAN Live | 26​.​02​.​2016

Here in this website we simply love Kauan. They are tyipically defined as atmospheric doom metal band, or post-rock, or ambient metal. We just don’t care. These musicians from Ukraine compose and play the most beautiful and introspective music you may possibly hear all around, tags don’t make too much sense. A few days ago this incrdedible band has given us another beautiful gift: we can download (for free) a masterful live performance in which they played their last two albums, Pirut and Sorni Nai, in their entirety.

The show is also available with full-HD video on Youtube.


Sorni Nai, released on October 2015, is Kauan’s wonderful sixth studio album. Sorni Nai is a sort of concept album actually consiting of one single song divived into seven chapters. Sorni Nai tells the story of the mysterious, controversial and still unsolved “Dyatlov Pass” incident, happened in 1959, when six experienced explorers died during an expectidion in the northern Ural region of Russia (check the story, it’s very interesting and creepy).

Two years before, in 2013, Kauan published Pirut, another single forty-minute track where the band revisited their angry folk/doom roots.

Good and Free: State of Repair by And The Wasters

AND THE WASTERS - 1280x300

And The Wasters are a funny and explosive group from Bristol which gained some recognition in the UK and Europe in the last few years for their ability to mix Folk-Punk and Ska with Hip-hop, Balkan and Latin grooves. The band supports a number of political campaigns withing the Punk world and beyond, and they are also active in promoting and fertilizing the “Do It Yourself” scene.

A few days ago the band released on bandcamp their new EP, named State of Repair. You can listen to the five songs of the EP with the widget below this text. The good news, however, is that the album can be dowloaded for free (you may decide you price, actually). The free digital download includes high-quality files in both MP3 and FLAC. Check it out!

Gift to Give Yourself: “Aava Tuulen Maa” by Kauan

You can download for free and at high-quality one of the masterpieces of ambient metal: the beautiful album Aava tuulen maa by Kauan. Released in 2009, this was the third LP from the Russian band. This album is particularly important in their career since it signed the definitive evolution of their sound from doom metal into a melancholic mixture of atmospheric neofolk and post-rock.

Aava tuulen maa is a brilliant, beautiful album that is highly recommended for anyone with an interest in post-rock or emotional music as a whole. The album’s atmosphere evokes feelings of hope and affinity with nature, and stands as the quintessential springtime album. (Sputnikmusic)


Good and Free: Deadmau5’s Stuff I Used to Do


Deadmau5’s new album, Stuff I Used to Do, is available for download for free on We Transfer. The Canadian superstar DJ assembled and mixed a set of previously unreleased tracks (covering the period from 1998 to 2007) and informed his fans through his mailing list about the possibility to take it for free. Initially it was stated that the free download is only available for one week and that from March 3rd, “the album will be available for purchase on all major digital retailers”. On We Transfer, however, at the moment there is no sign that the files will be removed after that date. Anyway, get your hands on it right now, just in case…



Good and Free: Ricky Cecchin’s Soundtrack for Rolling Sky video game

Rolling Sky video game has been downloaded from Google Play Store by more than 50 Millions players. A few of them know that its nice electronic soundtrack may be downloaded for free from by Ricky Cecchin‘s bandcamp page.


Good and Free: Dead Trails’ self titled album

Dead Trails are a new thrash and death metal band from South UK, they started playing together since 2010 and have just released their debut long play on bandcamp. The album can be download for free (you may actually name your price).

The album is very nice and presents a nice combination of raw sounds and thrash riffs. I definitely recommend to download and listen,  there are a few songs that are very nice to hear if you are into the death metal genre.

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