The Resurgence of European Thrash Metal

Historically thrash metal emerged in the early 80’s in the United States of America and a number of legendary US groups (like Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax) helped thrash to gain quickly a global foothold. With the years, a lot of bands from the most disparate regions of the World started playing and spreading this characteristic type of metal, in some cases reaching world fame.

Nowadays we are observing a particular circumstance: among the best thrash metal albums that have been published worldwide, we have an increasing number of records that are released by European bands. This phenomenon has become so regular that we can no longer subscribe it to a simple coincidence.

In this article I present ten different European metal bands. I’ve selected them among those formations that have released an album in the last couple of years, and of course I focuse my attention on those who received the higest attention and interest for the quality of their works. I believe that it may be an excellent starting point to get an idea of the quality of the thrash metal that is played today in the Old Continent.


Angelus Apatrida (Spain)


Angelus Apatrida 1300
Angelus Apatrida are active since2000 and they have published so far 6 full-lenght albums and a number of other publications such as EPs, split albums and compiliations. “Cabaret de la Guillotine“, their latest release,  arrived three years after their previous LP.

Born at the dawn of the new millennium, Spanish band Angelus Apatrida has progressively evolved its own style from the heavy & power metal of their first works to a kind of metal that’s decidedly more in line with the classic Bay Area thrash, enriched here and there by various and interesting inserts and influences coming from other styles of metal.

Their latest album, Cabaret de la Guillotine,  is reminiscent in many parts of the early works of Testament, and this is certainly not a bad comparison for a band that today is  fully devoted to thrash metal. Cabaret de la Guillotine is definitely one of the best albums they released so far, in particular for the impressive number of tight, furios and enjoyable riffs that are packed in every song.

The album maybe doesn’t shine for originality and it’s definitely derivative of many different thinghs we have heard in the last thirty years of metal, but nevertheless it was made to please and enjoy all the lovers of old-school thrash metal.


Odium (Germany)


Odium 1300 definitive.jpg
Odium is a thrash metal band from Germany, active since 1993 and with eight LPs released so far. Their latest release is the full-length work “As The World Turns Black”, published in July 2017.

Odium, from Hasselroth in Germany, are not newcomers of the metal arena. Formed in 1993 they have released sol far 8 full-lenght albums. Their style has slowly evolved from a combination of thrash & power metal to a more conventional mid-paced teutonic thrash filled with heavy riffs and intriguing melodies.

Odium’s latest record is 2017’s As the World Turns BlackThis LP is another case of those records that don’t offer any particular deviations from the canons and, as a matter of fact, these German musicians don’t try to impress for innovation and creativity. However, they demonstrated in their 25 years of career that they know very weel how to write and play genuine and healthy thrash metal, with no frills and tricks. Among the most interesting and also peculiar characteristics of this band there is a particularly accentuated melodic vein of the songs. This goes very well with the clean, non-guttural voice of Ralf Runkel, the singer who has been a member of the band for the past ten years.

It is definitely motivating to listen to a band like Odium and see how these musicians continue after so many years to play their music with passion and ardor, although they didn’t achieve the fame and success they might have deserved at least for the consistency and the enjoyability of the music they have released to date.


Primal Attack (Portugal)


Primal Attack 1300.jpg
Primal Attack is a thrash & groove band from Lisbon, in Portugal. They have released so far two very good albums and their latest LP, “Heartless Oppressor” resulted as one of the best metal albums of 2017.

Primal Attack is one of the most promising formations among the new bands that emerged in the European metal scene. Formed in 2012 in Lisbon, they released in 2012 their debut LP (Humans) and their sophomore album in 2017 (Heartless Oppressor). Frequent readers of this blog will remember that last year I wrote a lot of Primal Attack and their new LP was included in many of the musical charts of 2017, typically reaching the top positions. Heartless Oppressor is in fact a strong and energetic disc and it’s fully packed with catching riffs and catchy melodies.

The style of music of Primal Attack is basically a groovy version of thrash with also some elements from death metal, and these guys showed an impressive level of maturity in balancing these different metal influences. And although their music is evidently inspired from the works of legends like Pantera, Hatebreed and Machine Head, the album still contains so many original features to make them a very characteristic and recognizable formation within the European metal scene.

This is a band that’s now in our radars. And Heartless Oppressor is an album that I definitely recommend.


Pripjat (Germany)


Pripjat is a german thrash quartet, active since 2011. Their name is a reference to the city of Prypjat, a ghost town near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine.  The band has released so far two full-lenght records.

Pripjat, from Germany, entered the metal scene three years ago with a really interesting debut album, named Sons of Tschernobyl. In 2018 they released a follow-on LP, Chain Reaction, which confirms and further improves all the positive elements that were appreciated in their first record.

The music played by Pripjat is a kind of thrash which doens’t make any particular effort to differentiate itself from the standard references of the genre, but which is performed with great passion, adrenaline and precision. Chain Reaction unleashes an incredible charge of energy and adrenaline and the average level of the songs is definitely good, with a few really exciting tracks which make the album  stand out from the rest of the contenders.

As anticipated, I observed a positive evolution in the style and quality of their music when compared to the debut record, and as a matter of fact three years of intense touring have helped the band to refine and increase both their songwriting and playing skills. Pripjat is a band to be followed with great attention, we can expect great things from them in the near future.


Solitary (UK)


Solitary UK 1300
Solitary, from Lancashire in England, formed as early as 1994 but they have released so far only three LPs. Their latest full-lenght record, “The Diseased Heart of Society” was published in 2017.

Solitary is an English thrash metal band which is formally active since 20 years. The band’s first album is dated 1998, and was followed by a second LP in 2008. The third and latest album, The Diseased Heart of Society, was released in 2017, so in the end we had only three major publications since their formation. In partial compensation for their indolence to release new records, the quality of their music has been always excellent and their third album last year was judged among the best metal records of the European scene.

Solitary’s style is deeply rooted in old-school thrash metal. The music from Solitary is inspired by masters of the genre like Testament and Slayer, but the four guys from Lancashire still managed to evolve from the legacy and create a quite unique sound. Their records feature a enjoyable collection of heavy and sometimes brutal thrash songs, all played impeccably by a very good ensemble of musicians.  The result is definitely positive and the hope is that they won’t take another decade to assemble andother album of the same quality.



Swarm (France)


swarm 1300.jpg
Swarm, from the Antibes in France, is a relatively new thrash quintet that has debutet in 2017 with the album “Division & Disharmony“.

Among the best thrash thrash formations that we reviewed in 2017, it was relatively surprising to find a little know quintet from the Antibes, in France, named Swarm. The band, formed in 2013, released last year one of the most interesting debut albums in metal,  Division & Disharmony, which became a frequent source of material for my compilations and metal mixtapes.

From a musical point of view, Swarm make no effort to hide the many sources of inspiration that contributed to the genesis of their LP work, from the arpeggios a-la Master of Puppets that open some of the songs, to the the alternation of clean and growing voices that has now become a distinctive feature of Metalcore, not to mention the changes of rhythms that have led to the success of historical groups such as Pantera and Machine Head. All of these components, however, have been mixed and blended with great skill to the point that the final product is absolutely not a patchwork of elements from disparate influences but, on the contrary, their sound is definitely consistent and really nice to listen to.

Swarm is on of the promising new bands that we shall follow with attention. Last year their debut work was an absolute surprise and now we’ll be here waiting to see if their style will become even more unique and intriguing with their future publications.


Tantara (Norway)


Tantara 1300
Tantara, from Norway, originally started as a “talent show” project in the fall of 2009. After an initial EP, the band has released so far two LPs. Their last full lenght record is “Sum of Forces“, published in 2018.

Tantara, from Norway, was formed almost ten years ago in the context of a talent show. Since then they had to face some problems with record labels and also multiple changes in the line-up, but they eventually managed to release two full-lenght albums: 2012’s Based on Evil and this year’s Sum of Forces.

The music played by Tantara is a kind of thrash metal that’s deeply inspired by the legacy style of Bay Area metal (Testament, Metallica, …) and, in this respect, their new album doesn’t offer any particular element of innovation except maybe for the inclusion in their songs of many melodic sections and also for the presence of an interesting 10 minutes long instrumental song which closes the record. The fact that Tantara plays a style of metal that’s so close and reminiscent of the masters of thrash, however, doesn’t mean that their music is not valid or enjoyable, and all those metalheads who appreciate  the raw and old-school style of thrash will for sure appreciate the six tracks of Sum of Forces.

In the end, with their crushing riffs, headbanging rhythms and nice guitar solos, the four horsemen from Norway managed to pump new life into a genre of music that could be seen by many as dated, if not out of time.


Tonic Breed (Norway)


Tonic Breed - 1300

Tonic Breed is an interesting thrash quartet from Norway which was formed twelve years ago and that has released so far a couple of appreciated studio LP. Since the date of publication of their last full-lenght record (2014’s Outsold) the line-up of Tonic Breed went through a number of changes and today only half of the members of the initial formation are still part of the band. Probably for the purpose of testing the skills and cohesion of the new team, Tonic Breed have recorded this year the EP Install Memory, the first of their career, which contains a handful of new tracks plus a curios and eccentric cover of Mummy Dust by Ghost and a couple of live tracks.

The style of metal played by Tonic Breed is substantially the typical American style of thrash enriched with a few inserts from groove and heavy metal (you can consider the early works by Metallica as a good reference for their sound). The performance of the new members of the band (lead guitarist Jørgen Abrahamsen and drummer Ole Danielsen) is fine, although it emerges from the EP that the band’s true driving force comes from Patrik Svendsen and Rudi Golimo, the architects of the catchy and engaging riffs that we find on the album.

Svendsen and Golimom carry on their simple but effective approach to metal, with a style that’s deeply rooted in the golden age of American thrash but which still results enough genuine and effective to be appreciated by both new and old fans of this genre of music.


Toxic Shock (Belgium)


Toxic Shock 1300.jpg
Toxic Shock is a thrash and crossover band from Belgium. Since their formation in 2010 they have released two full-lenght LPs but also many EPs and split albums. Their latest publication is the full-lenght record “TwentyLastCentury”

Toxic Shock, from Antwerp in Belgium, cite as their main references the masters of thrash like Metallica and Slayer but also the New York city Hardcore scene. Their style, in fact, is that of a classic mid-paced thrash metal that often ventures into the lands of crossover and punk. An if their kind of music may appear too much hybrid and experimental for the more intransigent thrash lovers, all the others will surely appreciated the freshness and creativity of the band.

Toxic Shock are active since 2010 and have released so far two extremely good albums. Their debut was 2013’s Daily Demons, followed in 2017 by TwentyLastCentury. Their new work demonstrates that it’s really possibly to range between various genres of metal and multiple influences but at the same time to maintain a great quality of the overall production. There is however a clear element of cohesion across the LP, and it’s the thrash backbone that guides and supports all the tracks of the record. As a matter of fact, despite the various influences and references that we find in the individual songs, TwentyLastCentury remains essentially a fun and creative thrash metal album.

Toxic Shock is one of those bands that don’t publish albums on repeat but, because of the attention and patience they put on their creative process, they managed so fare to make every single track of their work relatively unique and highly enjoyable. For this reason we will stay here, waiting patiently for their next work, with no hurry.


Warfield (Germany)


Warfield 1300
Warfield, from Germany, are active since 2012 and have published an EP in 2014 and their debut LP in 2018 (“Wrecking Command“). Their music is dedicated to the fans of Kreator, Slayer, Exodus and all other masters of old-school thrash.

German metal trio Warfield may be considered as newcomers in the metal arena: although the band was formed almost six years ago, they arrived only in 2018 to the important milestone of the debut LP. Wrecking Command, the firts full-lenght release from the band, follows an initial EP that was published 4 years ago and which anticipated to the fans their direct and essential sytle of music.

Warfield don’t shine for innovation: the band offers another interpretation of “teutonic” thrash metal, a genre which has seen in the last thirty years really many important references from which they could take inspiration. Anyway, we’re not dealing here with a mere exercise in style because these guys are absolutely prepared on the fundamentals of the genre and they have very clear ideas about what they want to achieve with their music.

Warfield don’t mainfest any willingness to surprise their listeners with special effects or to impress music critics and fans with any particular stylistic innovation. If you are among the lovers of good old teutonic metal you will get what you want: an excellent collection of thrash songs with incessant rhythms and superb riffing. If you are looking for the band that will revolutionize the future of thrash, then you have to look somewhere else.




Geography of Metal: from where the best albums of the year come / Update #1: March 2017.

We are rapidly approaching the first quarter of 2017 and in these first months of the year we could alrady listen and select a good bunch of metal albums. The most interesting albums we heard so far are indicated below; they are also organized into the different Continents of origin. As you can see the list is today dominated by Europe, which actually provided more than 50% of the total albums we selected.

We’ll update this chart regularly, so stay tuned and check for future evolutions of this geographical review of the best metal albums.

Mappa con bands.jpg

North America

  1. Obituary (United States). The legendary death metal band from Florida returns with their self-titled 10th studio album. Despite being one of the most successful death metal bands of all time (these guys are approaching 30 years of musical career), there is no sing of slowing down and this release keeps all the good elements of their last succesfull albums.
  2. Power Trip (United States). This group of hardcore metallers from Texas released one of the best thrash album you will possibly hear this year, named Nightmare Logic.
  3. Havok (United States). The thrash metal monsters from Denver, Colorado, published the fourth album of their career, Conformicide.
  4. Code Orange (United States). The hardcore/metalcore band from Pennsylvania released their third studio album, Forever, which is also the band’s debut with a major label (Roadrunner). Here in this blog the album was selected as the best metal release in January 2017.
  5. Final Drive (United States). This four piece band from St.Louis in Missouri delivers a furious and energic southern groove thrash metal. Their last work, Dig Deeper, is the fifth of their career since their debut in 2004.

South America

  1. Austral (Chile). We eventually encountered this relatively young and unsigned folk metal band from Santiago del Chile, which released a very interesting studio album, named Patagonia. You must check it out.


  1. Memoriam (England). Former members of Bolt Thrower and Benediction joined  their efforts in this new metal project. Their debut album, For the Fallen,  somehow continues where Bolth Thrower left off and delivers a solid old school death metal with dense atmospheres and beautiful vocals.
  2. Primal Attack (Portugal). This is a very promising thrash metal outfit from Lisbon, which published in early 2017 the second album of their career,  named Heartless Oppressor. Nominated here in this blog as best thrash album of February 2017.
  3. The Project Hate MCMXCIX (Sweden). The industrial & experimental death metal project led by Lord K Philipson released another great album, named Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures, which here in this blog topped the metal chart in February 2017.
  4. Dead Trails (England). This young death metal band from Salisbury has published their debut self-titled album, packed with fast paced, aggressive and well written songs.
  5. Solitary (England). A band of long-term metallers from Lancashire which released an enjoable and energetic old-school thrash metal album, named The Diseased Heart Of Society.
  6. Swarm (France). This is a young metal band from French Riviera which has released their first LP, Divisions & DisharmonyThe album presents a good blend of groove, thrash and hardcore and we shall definitely monitor their future steps.
  7. Decadence (Sweden). One of the many good metal bands from North Europe. This is a thrash metal quintet from Stockholm which published Undergrounder, the fifth full-length album of their career.
  8. Zerozonic (Norway). An interesting group of groove metallers from Kristiansand, which published a self-titled studio album interrupting a five-year hiatus since their previous release.
  9. Soen (Sweden). The progressive metal supergroup (originally featuring former Opeth drummer Martin Lopez and monster bassist Steve Di Giorgio) has released the third full-lenght studio album, Lykaia, which presents heavy traces of Tool and Anathema.
  10. Angry Again (Switzerland). An unsigned thrash/groove metal band from St. Gallen, which released their second full-lenght album, named Divide and Conquer.
  11. Asyllex (Faroe Islands). Maybe the youngest band of this chart, this is an unsigned thrash metal outfit coming from Famjin and inspired by bands like Kreator, Megadeth and Arch Enemy. They have released their debut album, named War Order.
  12. Battle Beast (Finland). These heavy & power metallers from Helsinki have released their fourth album, Bringer of Pain, which is rich of polished and entertaining heavy metal tracks but is definitely not interesting as their previous works (this can largely be attributed to the departure of original guitarist and main songwriter of the band).
  13. Opposer (Spain). This is a band from Cantabria that plays an old school mixture of death and thrash metal. They have published their new album, Darkest Path, which is full of 80’s  and  90’s  influences.


  1. Violet Cold (Azerbaijan). The experimental one-man band from Baku has published what we expect will remain as one of the finest and most elegant metal releases of 2017, named Anomie. This is a pure gem: an impressively immediate album which contains a selection of wonderful atmospheric black metal songs.
  2. Serenity in Murder (Japan). The symphonic female-fronted melodic death metal quinted from Tokyo has published the third full-lenght album of their career, named Eclipse. Nice songs if you like the epic approach to metal.