Music Notes: interesting albums to be released in March 2018 (Moby, Titus Andronicus, Editors, Ministry, Jack White)

Two months have passed since the beginning of 2018. Up to this moment there have some good albums and a few musical surprises, especially by young bands, but the average level of the new releases, globally, has not been particularly exciting. I have the feeling that the best is yet to come and maybe the next few months will see the release of those albums which are destined to rapidly climb up the music charts of the blog. For sure I’ll keep listening and selecting the best material! In the meantime, let’s see which are some important releases of the next month. Stay tuned!


Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt is the forthcoming new album by Moby, the American musician, DJ and producer who has been one of the most succesfull electronic artists of the last 20 years. The album is expected for March 2nd, 2018. A few singles have been shared in view of the release, including Like A Motherless Child, which signs a sort of come-back to Moby’s classic style, and Mere Anarchy, which Moby himself described as post-apocalyptic and dystopic. Could the new album be the definitive point where his electronic skills will meet and fuse with his role as an activist?

A Productive Cough is the forthcoming new album by American indie rock band Titus Andronicus, which will be available starting from March 2nd, 2018. This band has always dealt with complex themes, and their previous records were all very profound, but at the same time not always immediate to listen, in particular for the casual listeners. There were a couple of singles shared so far from the new album, such as Number One (in New York), which is a very particular and almost nihilistic 10 minutes track, and Above the Bodega (Local Business), that’s definitely more enjoyable and easy to listen.

Violence is the upcoming sixth studio album from British rock band Editors and it will be released on 9 March 2018. The new album follows the previous appreciated LP In Dream, released in 2015. The first single shared by the band from the new LP is Magazine and it shows an evident presence of synthpop elements. We will check shortly if this is only an isolated case or rather it’s the new style that characterizes the band’s sound.

AmeriKKKant is the upcoming fourteenth album by industrial metal masters Ministry, a band that has surely been one of the most influential for the birth and the affirmation of this musical genre but that in the last fifteen years entered into a spiral of absolute involution. From the songs that have been shared so far we observe that Ministry continue to insist on the subject of an open polemic against the state of American politics. Musically speaking, the tracks we have heard are quite interesting and make us hope for this new work. However, we are far from the innovation and the revolution that they brought into the music scene with their debut albums. The album will be released on March 9th, 2018.

Boarding House Reach is the upcoming third solo studio album by American rock musician Jack White, also known as the lead singer and guitarist The White Stripes. White’s new solo LP is set to be released on March 23, 2018 and it follows the excellent previous works Lazaretto, relased almost four years ago. The artist has announced in a press release the intention to expand his musical palate and explore a remarkable range of sonic terrains. The first songs shared by the artist from the new work seem confirm this intention to experiment and widen the horizons of his music, with results that perhaps are not always up to the expectations and which may perhaps disappoint those who expected the catchy and immediate rock of Whites’ previous works.



Music Notes: interesting albums to be released in February 2018 (Turbonegro, Fu Manchu, Franz Ferdinand, Legend Of The Seagullmen, GoGo Penguin, Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet)

The first load of records of 2018 is almost running out and we’re ready in a few days to find out what good things in music will come out in February. Looking at the Music Notes of last month it’s easy to say that we certainly had some confirmations (for example the very good album by Bobo Stenson) but – as often happens – among the best publications of the last weeks there were many artists on which we didn’t pay particular attention at the beginning. Let’s repeat the same game: I indicate in this article which are the most interesting releases of next month, across all the main genres that are covered by the blog. We’ll see in thirty days from now how many of these artists have confirmed these expectations. Stay tuned!



Field Music, the indie rock band from UK, are going to publish on February 2nd their new album, Open Here, which will be the seventh of their discography. According to a number of interviews they released in the last few weeks, the new work should present an expansion of the sound that we have heard until today and therefore a certain level of experimentation. The single that was shared in anticipation of the new LP, Count It Up, is a nice and relatively light song that makes extensive use of sounds and effects from the music of the 80s. We’ll find out soon what the other songs on the album reserve for us.


This name won’t be known maybe for the majority of the readers of the blog and probably it will also arouse some perplexities, but in reality Turbonegro are a very respectable Norwegian punk rock band, initially active from 1989 to 1998 – their golden age – and then reformed fifteen years ago. Rock’n’Roll Machine, their forthcoming album to be released on February 2nd, will be the tenth of their discography and it interrupts a period of more than five years without official publications. From the singles that have been shared so far, we can defintely expect another good collection of their anarchic and enjoyable rock.


Franz Ferdinand is one of those groups that unfortunately failed to maintain the exceptional hype and interest which aroused with their first releases. In the two years in which they published their first two works, the self-titled Franz Ferdinand in 2004 and You Could Have It So Much Better in 2005, the group achieved incredible fame and resonance. Subsequent works did not keep the expectations and their aurea got a little blurred with time. On February 9 the band is releasing a new LP, the fifth of their career, and we will see if the guys from Glasgow will succeed in collecting the same appreciation of their first works. The single that’s playing now on Youtube, in this respect, it’s interesting enough to leave us hopeful for the full record.


Those who follow with fervent expectation any sign of activity from the mythical metal band TOOL will probably already be informed that while waiting to know the date (or the era) of the publication of the new album from the group, we can probably console ourselves with the debut work from Legend Of The Seagullmen, a new supergroup featuring TOOL’s founder Danny Carey on drums, Mastodons’s Brent Hinds on guitar, together with other interesting musicians. The debut self-titled LP from this band will be out on February 9, and everything we heard so far pointed in the direction of a great record.


Tith their previous records the jazz trio GoGo Penguin has gained the appreciation of an extremely wide musical population Thanks to the ability that they have shown to develop a type of jazz that attracted a very wide public, including those that usually don’t listen or appreciate this genre music. We could say, in other words, that they’re becoming the most liked jazz group for non-jazz listeners. The music played by this young British trio, in fact, incorporates extremely modern elements spanning from atmospheric music to rock, passing through electronic and modern classical music. GoGo Penguin has announced the release of their new album, named A Humdrum Star, which will be out on February 9. From what has been shared so far of this new record, the same formula will be repeated again and A Humdrum Star could easily become another successful entry in their discography.


Fu Manchu, the legendary stoner rock band from Southern California, will release on February 9th the long awaited new album Clone of the Universe, which arrives four years after the excellent previous LP GigantoidThis album is expected to be one of the most important events for the stoner scene in 2018, in the same way as Emporor of Sand by Mastodon did last year. At this point we have to hope that Fu Manchu’s new record will confirm the big expectations we have at the moment, because the single released by the band as an anticipation of the forthcoming album – which is also the title track of the LP – looks a litte static and without too much inspiration. Let’s see what happens.


American avant-garde artist and composer Laurie Anderson and the renowned American string quartet Kronos joined efforts to produce what seems to be a great record, Landfall, which is expected for release on February 16th. The music was presented in occasion of a concert in New York and the reviews were extremely positive. Also the tracks that are already available show a very particular juxtaposition of strings and electronics.


Brand New Songs: A Perfect Circle, Sinistro, Harakiri for the Sky

Here are some of the most interesting videos published on Youtube as an anticipation of upcoming albums. 

Disillusioned, by A Perfect Circle. This is the second single shared by the American rock supergroup which features Tool’s singer Maynard James Keenan, in view of the forthcoming LP, expected for March 2018.


Pétalas, by Sinistro. Taken from the forthcoming album “Sangue Cassia”. Release Date: Jan 5th, 2018. Sinistro is a sludge/doom/post-metal band from Portugal, active since 2011 and with two albums released so far.


You Are The Scars, by Harakiri for the Sky. Taken from the upcoming album “Arson” To be released on 16th of February, 2018. Harakiri for the Sky is a post-Black Metal band from Austria. The band is active since 2011 and they have already realeased three albums so far.


Music Notes: interesting albums to be released in January 2018

A new year has started and we’ll soon begin to review and select the best music released by major artists and also younger musicians. In anticipation of what we’ll hear in these first days of 2018, let’s see which are some of the most interesting albums that will be released during the month of January.

A little note is necessary to clarify that we’ll mention in this list only the albums related to the type of music that we like in this blog: committed, passionate, high-quality, whatever is the genre. Therefore don’t expect so many mainstream and easy-listening bands. And in any case for those types of groups you have a thousand of other ways to deepen your knowledge.

To be honest, the songs we have heard so far from the upcoming albums still didnt’ give us any special emotion, and for the time being expectations are not skyrocketing. But these are only advance tracks and there may be also a big number of good discs under release that have not been yet scanned by our radars. As it often happens, at the end of the month we could easily discover that the albums which gave us the strongest emotions were those not expected at the beginning… so stay tuned and we’ll review together the way this early 2018 will develop in music.


Corrosion of Conformity, the legendary American heavy metal band from North Carolina, will release on January 12nd their tenth album, No Cross No Crown, with the return of guitarist and vocalist Pepper Keenan, who left the band in occasion of the hiatus in which they entered in 2006. The return of Keenan represents certainly and additional reason for which long-term fans of the band are looking forward to this new release from the band. The early tracks that have been shared so far show that the Group has tried to reproduce to some extent the sound and the feeling of the 90’s, when they reached the peak of success and sales.


Avatar, the avant-garde metal band from Sweden, will publish their seventh LP, Avatar Country, on January 12nd. As we can hear from the couple of tracks that are circulating since a few weeks, we should expect a really heterogeneous set of songs, each one with its onw style and musicality. This band has always put important doses of innovation and creativity in their works; in the case of new album – at least for what we can hear today – their ambition has reached very high leveles. We’ll see soon what is the final result.


Black Veil Brides, the American rock band from Cincinnati, are about to release their fifth studio album, Vale, set for publication on January 12nd. The singles that have been shared so far confirm the typical elements of their sound: linear melodies, epic drumming and anthemic choruses. We’ll see in a few weeks how much substance is hidden under this surface of catchy rock.


First Aid Kit, the Swedish pop-folk duo founded by the two Söderberg sisters, will release on January 19th their fourth album, Ruins. There are already a Number of videos circulating since many weeks with songs from the new album. We are once again faced with some among the most beautiful voices in the current folk scene, although the notable pop and mainstream component we have in their songs seem to reduce their overall depth and interestingness.


Legendary Swedish jazz pianist Bobo Stenson is releasing on January 19th a new collection of tunes played with his loyal companions Anders Jormin on bass and Jon Fält drums. The new album of the trio, named Contra La Indecisión, is expected to showcase another wide range of input influences, from Bela Bartok to Cuban songwriter Silvio Rodríguez. This is the trio’s first new recording in six years.



Two Jazz iconic artists such as Chick Corea and Steve Gadd are publishing on January 19th a double CD, named Chinese Butterfly, which signs the reunion of one of the most interesting and historical collaborations in music (Steve Gadd was one of the first drummers for Chick Corea). For this new work the two have assembled a band which features Lionel Loueke (who we have seen contributing magistrally to Nicolas Kummert’s 2017 album La Diversité), Steve Wilson, Carlitos Del Puerto, Luisito Quintero and special guest Philip Bailey.


tUnE-yArDs, the electronic music project founded by American artist Merrill Garbus, is going to publish a new studio album, named I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life. The LP will be released on January 19th and there are already a couple of tracks shared so far. We can recognize that many of the characteristics element of their sound are always present, such as the use of vintage sounds, but the search for a new musical direction is also evident. We’ll see when the album will be released if the point of arrival will be more or less interesting.


Calexico, the Tex-Mex indie rock band from Arizona, will release on January 26th their tenth studio LP, The Thread that Keeps Us. Based on the couple of tracks that were shared so far, the album could be extremely interesting to hear. The song Voices In The Field, in particular, has an engaging rhythm and the usual beautiful influences from the mexican world.


Machine Head, the American groove and thrash metal from California, is releasing on January 26th the long-awaited follow-up to Bloodstone & Diamonds, the album that in 2014 had brought back the band to collect aconsiderable success from both fans and industry critics. The upcoming album, named Chatarsis, will be the ninth in the career of the band, and from the songs that are already circulating it’s possible to foresee another great performance by Robb Flynn, who’s today the only remaining member of the original line-up.


No Age, the noise-rock group from California, will release on January 26th the fifth album of their career, Snares Like and Aircut, which arrives four years after their previous LP. The fact that the band had returned to work on new tracks had been somewhat anticipated last year with the publication on Vimeo of a new song, Separation. which, however, should not be included in the new work. For the new album there are two other tracks that were shared by the duo: Drippy and Soft Collar Fad (the latter, in particular, looks definitely interesting)




Sleeping Giant, the American metal band from Redlands, California, have announced that their next album, I Am, will be their final one after 12 years of career. The LP will be out on January 26th and it has been anticipated so far by two videos.


Early Plays: August Burns Red, Samael and Marilyn Manson

Next month we expect a number of new interesting releases in metal. Some of these are now anticipated by intriguing and enjoyable singles. I’ve selected some of the videos that are rotating nowadays on the web and put them together in this post. Enjoy!


The Frost“, by August Burns Red. The song is taken from the seventh full-length album of the American metalcore band, Phantom Anthem, which will be released on October 6. This song is really interesting because it somehow reflects the original sound of the band but with an improved, powerful and technically impressive rhythmic session.


We Know Where You Fucking Live“, by Marilyn Manson. The song is taken from Manson’s new album and tenth studio disc of his controversial career, named Heaven Upside Down, which will be released on October 6. Please note that the clip shows a parental warning at the beginning because of graphic violence and some sexual content, nothing new for the American singer.


Black Supremacy“, by Samael. The song is taken from the tenth album from the Swiss symphonic black/industrial metal veterans, named Hegemony, which will be released on October 13. The new album is going to interrup a gap of about six years since their previous release, but the new song seems to confirm that most of the characteristic elements of the band are still intact, from the fast and frenzied rhythms to the electronic and symphonic inserts which make their style so easily recognizable in the domain of black metal.


New Singles in METAL: Hollywood Undead, Leprous, Sylar, and Varials.

I’ve selected for this post the best new Metal tracks that have been released in the last few weeks, including some songs from a few relatively young but definitely interesting new groups. Most of the songs are the lead singles off the related upcoming albums and, as such, this is also an opportunity to have an anticipation of the music that we will hear in the forthcoming months.


California Dreaming. This is the a new single that has been shared a few days ago by the American rap rock band Hollywood Undead, which is going to release the new album, called V, on next October. As you can imagine, it’s the fifth album from the band, and promises the usual combination of nu-metal and rapcore. Nothing new, but Always good to hear!


Among the new songs I’ve be listening in the last few days, the new single by Norwegian progressive metallers Leprous is the one that shocked me the most. The band, which has gained in the recent years an important recognition in the metal scene because of the good and solid progressive music thay played in their first 4 albums, is now showing a dramatic change of their style. The new single they just shared, Stuck, is taken from the upcoming album Malina that will be out on late August. You can check how they transformed their melodic sound into a catchy and melodic rock pop (!), and if it were not for the beautiful voice of Einar Solberg we might really think of a case of homonymy. Readers of this blog know how I am usually curious about the change of directions, so I will be waiting to the full LP before making a definitive judgment of this very particular change.


Points of Authority is the controversial Linkin Park‘s cover song that the American metalcore quintet Sylar has publised just a few days after the tragic suicide of frontman Chester Bennington. Probably the band had recorded the song some time ago and shared it as a tribute to the memory of Linkin Park’s iconic leader.


Varials are a young deathcore and metalcore band from the United States. They are about to publish their new album, Pain Again, which is the second since their formation. They have shared a few days ago the title track of the forthcoming LP. What I liked of this song is the attempt they mad to stand out from the mass of mediocre metalcore groups that proliferate in these days, by orienting their sounds towards the patterns and structures of death metal, creating a pretty original but definitely interesting blend of the two genres.



Early Plays: To The Bone by Steven Wilson

Here in this blog we have already celebrated and appreciated the album that legendary prog rocker Steven Wilson has released in early 2017 under the moniker of Blackfield, the musical project which see the British artist joining efforts with Israeli songwriter and musician Aviv Geffen. The last work from the duo, Blackfield V, was the fifth generated by this valuable collaboration and since the time of its release it’s stably at the top positions of most of the charts published on this blog

Steven Wilson is famous to be a prolific songwriter and in fact, after the recent publication with Blackfield, he’s now going to release a solo album, the fifth of his career after the experience with Porcupine Tree. The new album, named To The Bone, will be launched on mid August 2017.

My fifth record is in many ways inspired by the hugely ambitious progressive pop records that I loved in my youth (think Peter Gabriel’s So, Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love, Talk Talk’s Colour of Spring and Tears for Fears’ Seeds of Love). Lyrically, the album’s eleven tracks veer from the paranoid chaos of the current era in which truth can apparently be a flexible notion, observations of the everyday lives of refugees, terrorists and religious fundamentalists, and a welcome shot of some of the most joyous wide-eyed escapism I’ve created in my career so far. (Steven Wilson on his new album)

From the songs that have been already shared, it’s easy to recognize how Wilson keeps on pushing the boundaries of his personal musical exploration, this time showing a remarkable pop sensibility together with the curiosity of manipualting the typical elements of electronics music. This is particularly evident in Permanating, one of the tracks that have been anticipated from the forthcoming album. Wilson said about the song: “Permanating’ represents a departure from the rest of the album and the more melancholic material I’m known for in that it’s probably the most joyous piece of pure pop I’ve ever recorded. In my mind this is what ABBA and Electric Light Orchestra would sound like as produced by Daft Punk! While I expect it to create healthy debate amongst my listeners, it’s one of the songs I’m most proud of on the new record because it’s such a different approach for me, and I thrive from changing my sound and trying new things.


Song Of I (featuring Swiss singer Sophie Hunger) is still deeply marked by electronic elements, although this time the atmospheres are definitely darker and more introspective, as the title of the song suggests.


Pariah features Israeli singer-songwriter Ninet Tayeb, which gives the song a peculiar touch with her huge voice. The song is less “electronic” with respect to the previous two tracks but still shows the approach of re-invention that the artist has applied to his music at this stage of his career.


To The Bone is due to be released on 18th August but is available now to pre-order in a variety of formats.


Early Plays: Realisationship by Andrew Hung

Fuck Buttons, the electronic duo formed in Bristol fifteen years ago by Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power, has left a strong mark in the recent history of electronic music and gathered a sort of cult following as one of the best experimental bands in the music scene.  Fuck Buttons have released so far three LP, they have also toured extensively around the globe, headlining multiple festivals including the Park Stage at Glastonbury and they had two tracks featured in the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony.


Fuck Buttons’ last album, Slow Focus, dates back to 2013, and since then the two DJs have started focusing on individual side projects. A few months ago we reviewed here the last production by Blanck Mass, which is Benjamin John Power’s solo project. The album was awarded in this blog with the title of Best Electronic Album of the Month, and it’s still among the best 10 electronic albums of the year (so far).


Thanks to a recent announcement we learned that also the other component of Fuck Buttons, Andrew Hung, will release on next October his own LP, named Realisationship, which is basically the debut album of his solo project. The artist as also shared the audio track for the opening song of the album, called Say What You Want.


From what we can listen in the song, apparently the style of Hung’s music is definitely more melodic, brighter and somehow more commercial than Fuck Buttons and Blank Mass, something that by itself doesn’t constitute a bad thing. The songs shows also some clear references to tropicanism and Balearic house, which give the music an enjoyable positive vibe. We’ll see if these characteristics will be found on the remaining 8 tracks of the album. Stay tuned!


Here They Come: 3 legendary bands and their forthcoming new releases

What unites Mogwai, Paradise Lost and Prong? It’s simple, they’re considered among the reference groups in their respective musical genre. But today they have a further element in common: all of these legendary groups are going to release a new album in the short term. And we expect really big things: applauses and fireworks. Let’s review together the situation, there are in fact a few new songs available as an anticipation of their new albums.


Scottish post-rock legends Mogwai are active in different forms since 1995 and they have published so far 8 studio full-lenght albums and 5 complete movie soundtracks. Some of their works have become real milestones in the history of modern music, and they have lso managed to evolve their sound towards different directions (not always with the same results, however). Their last works, as for example their 2014’s Rave Tapes, show an evident softening of the more industrial and complex elements of their original sound and this new stylistic direction seems confirmed from the singles that they already shared from the new forthcoming album Every Country’s Sun, which will be out on September 1st, 2017.


Paradise Lost is another band which doesn’t need particular introductions. The British gothic metal masters are about to release the album no.15 of a long and articulated career, a musical roadmap which has seen the band changing directions more than one time, exploring territories in some cases quite distant from their original domain and sometime with controversial results. In every work they produced, however, they always maintained a sort of musical and ethical integrity (I mean: they never copied anybody) and even if they changed style from album to album you could always say: this is a Paradise Lost’s disc. The band has just put out a new song, called The Longest Winter, which is taken from their new forthcoming album, Medusa, that will be out on September 1st, 2017. The new song is definitely close to their original style than most of their newest albums, pointing out that perhaps their long journey is coming to the starting point, which could of course be the origin of a new exploration.


Last, but not least, we have the expected release of Zero Days, the last album by the groove metal & crossover champions Prong. The band has been quite prolific in the last few years, not always with the same results. Since the band’s reformation in 2007, they have already published 5 albums (Zero Days will be thus the 6th in 10 years, and the 4th in the last four years!). We don’t have yet any early song to listen from the new work, so we can just review the words from band’s leader Tommy Victor (who contributed also to the last Danzig’s LP) : It’s a solid outing. We have the anthems, the bangers, the thrashers, the grooves, everything that makes up a PRONG record. It’s definitely a record to listen to start to finish!! We’ll see if these statements will be confirmed, apparently is a matter of only a few weeks.

PRONG - 1280x300

Early Plays: Sleep Well Beast by The National

After the success of the last two albums, American indie giants The National are about to publish their new full-lenght work, named Sleep Well Beast, which is scheduled for release on September 8, 2017. The band has just shared a new single from the forthcoming album, Guilty Party, which follows the previous song The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness that was released on last May.

My impression is that both the two songs are absolutely amazing and the new album is going to be a major event of the year. The two tracks also show some clear element of innovation and experimentation, whilst keeping that subtle sense of melancholy that characterized all of their previous works.


Did you already listen to the new series of mixtape with the best of indie pop? Check it out:


Avishai goes Funky

Early this year, acclaimed Israeli bassist and composer Avishai Cohen announced the beginning of a new project, which he called Jazz Free (see here for my initial report). He started assembling a new band of musicians who – based on what he said – had little to do with standard Jazz. He also claimed that his new music is based on a new groovy sound, much different from his famous signature style which blends Middle-Eastern and eastern European traditions, and the new songs should manifest increased musical interactions among  different genres and many new influences from other types of music. The outcome of the project is a new album, named 1970, which at the moment is scheduled for release on October 17th, 2017.

Well, a few hours ago the Israeli artist eventually published on Youtube the first single extracted from the new album, called “Motherless Child“…. and in spite of the anticipations that Avishai himself gave on the new direction of his music, I remained speechless. Now I understand the meaning of Jazz Free!

The song is a cover of the homonymous Negro spiritual (which dates back to 1870, in the era of slavery), and it’s executed as a funky tune with a strong groovy rhythm and groovy guitars. There are strings in the background that keep the melodicity of the original song, and also gospel choirs. The song is  nice, vibrant, but completely different from the music we heard in his last releases. This is not a bad thing by itself, but certainly our beloved bassist would never have achieved the fame he has today with this kind of songs.


It’s too early to make a judgement on this experiment. I love those artists that try something different and want to embark into new challenges. And from time to time it may be necessary to move away from the main road to enrich your baggage of new experiences, so that you can be re-energized for when you come back to the most important route.

Early Plays: Melvins, Decapitated, Goldfinger, Arcade Fire.

Here we are againg in what has now become the periodical report of this blog where we discuss the most anticipated albums of the next month. Last time we spoke about a few releases by important artists of the calibre of Roger Waters, Alt-J, Igorr and Royal Blood. Some of them delivered what we were expecting from them (in particolar Igorrr and Roger Waters), the others maybe need additional time and listens to be fully appreciated. We’ll see.


One of the first albums we’ll encounter in July is A Walk With Love & Death by Melvins, the legendary band of the American rock veterans which reunited in 2011. The new album (a double album, actually) will be released on July 7th, 2017, will show two distinct sides of the band’s music: Death, a proper Melvins’ release and Love, the score to the Jesse Nieminen directed, self-produced short also titled A Walk With Love & Death. The band has shared a single as anticipation of the forthcoming album, named Christ Hammer. The song, which does not surprise us with special special effects,  seems however a slight step forward compared to the latest productions after reunion, that weren’t certainly memorable.


On the same day of Melvin’s release, Polish death metal band Decapitated will publish their 7th studio album, Anticult, which is arriving on the shelves three years after their previous beautiful album, Blood Mantra, which in 2014 received lots of positive reviews. The group is famous for a perfect combination of excellent songwriting skills with an impressive technical capability, and the songs that are circulating in these days seem to confirm everything positive have been said about the band so far.


For what concerns punk rock, which is another genre that we like a lot in this blog, a potential good release is expected by Goldfinger, the ska punk formation from California. The band will release on Juli 21st their new album, The Knife, which interrups an hiatus of almost ten years since their last album. There are some concenrs regarding the fact that there has been a complete change within the lineup of the band, and today frontman John Feldmann is the only remaining member of the original band.


Just before the end of next month, on July 28th, Canadian indie rock masters Arcade Fire will release their upcoming fifth studio album, Everything Now. The band has published a number of critically and commercially acclaimed LPs and there is quite an high expectation for their new work. Many songs of the album are already circulating both as official videos and also as bootleg recordings of a secret show that the Canadians played in Montreal on last May, when six tracks from the new work were introduced to the fans.

Early Plays: Alt-J, Roger Waters, Royal Blood, IGORRR

The months before the summer are usually very positive for what concerns the quality of the new albums, and this year shouldn’t make ne exception. Let’s see together which are the most anticipated LPs that are arriving on the shelves in the next few weeks.

Relaxer by Alt-J (out June 2nd, 2017)

The critically-acclaimed indie rock band from Leeds, in UK, is about to release their third LP, named Relaxer. Alt-J reached an incredible success with their 2012’s debut album, An Awesome Wave, a work which instantly projected the British rockers among the musical phenomena of the decade. Their following record, This Is All Yours, has been seen by many as a step back in their musical evolution, so now there is quite an expectation to see if the incredible inspiration they showed in the debut album was a unique case or they will confirm it in the future. The band shared a few songs from the forthcoming work.


Is This The Life We Really Want by Roger Waters (out June 2nd, 2017)

Here in this blog we already introduced the upcoming album by the legendary English musician and composer. A few days ago Roger Waters shared a few additional songs from his new album, which somehow confirm the positive impression we had of the first single we discussed in occasion of the previous post. The sound and the style are evidently reminiscent of the glourious past of the artist, but since we’re talking of “that” past, this is nothing but a defect.


How Did We Get So Dark? by Royal Blood (out June 16th 2017)

After their eponymous debut in 2014, the british duo Royal Blood is now releasing their second album, How Did We Get So Dark?. From the couple of anticipated tracks they shared on the media, we can expect the same brilliant successful mix of hard rock and blues which made them earn quite a good reputation in the rock scene.


Savage Sinusoid by IGORRR (Out June 16, 2017)

We close this review of upcoming releases with an artist who is certainly less known than the previous ones, but from whom we will probably get one of the best albums of the year. Igorrr is the stage name of the french electronic artist Gautier Serre, who literally shocked the electronic music scene with an incredible combination of dubstep, break core, death metal (!) and baroque music (!!!). He’s today accredited as the inventor of a new musical genre, sometimes called BaroqueCore, but beyond the more or less complex labels that people want to assign to his music, the essence is that Igorrr is a master of experimentation and one of the of the bravest musicians of his generation. And if his previous album, the 2012’s Halleluja, left us speechless, his new work, Savage Sinusoid, could leeave even a deeper mark in the history of electronic music.

Early Plays: Is This The Life We Really Want? by Roger Waters

ROGER WATERS 2 - 1280x300

Legendary progressive master Roger Waters, universally acclaimed as the co-founder and conceptual leader of the Pink Floyd where he played until 1985, is about to release a new album on next June 2017, named Is This The Life We Really Want? . The album is an event by itself if only because his previous studio work, if we exclude the classical soundtrack Ça Ira, dates back to 1992.

A few days ago Waters shared the first single from the forthcoming album, Smell the Roses. Probably the peculiarity of this song is that the British musician has managed to capture on the record the same sounds and sonorities that made him famous in the 70s. It almost seems to hear the famous Have a Cigar from the milestone album Wish You Were Here, mostly for the music and partially for the topics discussed.

Maybe the fact itself that we are here today reviewing a track that sounds like a Pink Floyd disc of forty years ago can be both a positive element (we are talking about some of the most beautiful music ever released in the history of modern music), but perhaps also a limit of this new production from Waters. Probably the best thing to do right now is simply to let us be seduced by this new song – that’s very profound and provocative – and wait for the full disc give a more complete review.

Musical Agenda: the key albums that we’re expecting for the end of April

The next two week look very promising in terms of music releases. Here is the list of the most anticipated albums that we’re waiting to listen in the following days:

  • 8 by Incubus

The new full-lenght album by the American Rock band arrives after six years from their previous release. As the name of the album suggests, it’s the eighth released of their career and has been anticipated by a couple of songs.

  • Love is Love by Woods

The prolific American Folk Rock band returns with a new album after last year’s City Sun Eater in the River of Light. Love is Love, the new effort, is also the name of the song from the album that the band has already shared in anticipation of the new release.


  • Humanz by Gorillaz

The visionary and acclaimed British virtual pop band foundedn by singer-songwriter Damon Albarn (Blur) and comic book artist Jamie Hewlett are back with their new LP, Humanz, which is the fifth of their career. The release has been anticipated by quite a good number of singles, which show the band exploring new and different directions.


  • Contingent by Pyramaze

The Danish progressive metallers are about to publish their last effort, Contingent, which is the fifth of their career. It follows the previous release, Disciples of Sun, which a couple of years ago received enthusiastic reviews because of its very well balanced mix of heavy, technical and melodic parts. At the moment there are a couple of singles available from the new album.

  • Gargoyle by Mark Lanegan Band

A few momnths ago the influential American rocker announced the release of Gargoyle, the his thenth album so far, which features guest appearances from long-time collaborators such as Josh Homme (ex-Kyuss and leader of the Queens of the Stone Age), Greg Dulli and Duke Garwood. There is still one single track anticipated from the new album, where we can however appreciate Lanegan’s beautiful voice (somehow resembling Leonard Cohen).


  • Async by Ryuichi Sakamoto 

Legendary Japanese pianist and composer is releasing a solo album, named Async. The 15-track LP marks the composer’s first original album since 2009’s Out Of Noise and will be his first since after recovering from throat cancer. There are a few tracks already available, which show rarefied atmospheres, delicate and distant sounds, and the adoption of a substantially slow pace with a minimalistic approach to songwriting.