Quick Review: “First Body” by Two People

This review may be affected by the fact that after discovering the existence of this band, I now feel to be artistically attracted by the band’s singer. I will try to hide this thing in the rest of the article.

Two People is a relatively new electronic project founded by a couple of Australian artists, Phoebe Lou and Joey Clough, and First Body is their debut LP. The self-proclamed manifesto of the duo highlights their complete commtiment to the DIY principles and also the importance of the improvisation, which are not the typical characteristics of today’s electronic music.

Phoebe Lou in the self-made studio that was built to record the band’s debut album

The music of First Body is intimate, extremely elegant and deeply delicate. A straightforward reference for their sound is that of the band XX, although the Australian duo presents an approach to electronic music which results less minimalist and, in some respects, more melodic. There is really a lot of density on First Body: the songs let you immerse yourself in a world where the sound is always present and may take the form of an acoustic arpeggio, light drones of brass, or the soft pulsating rhythm of bass and drums. And on top of that, we are gifted with the enchanting voice of Phoebe Lou, which is at same time angelic and nocturnal. Looking at her when she sings, she seems like a beautiful and dangerous creature, a mermaid of the Odyssey that can trap your senses if you let yourself be captivated by her sight, and her fantastic voice.

From a stylistic point of view, First Body offers a special kind of electronic music that gently moves towards dreamy pop, whilst still maintaining a sense of suspension and fragility. A remarkable aspect of this album is the crystalline beauty of the sonic palette that has been used for the songs, and it may seem as a paradox if we think of the DIY approach that was proclaimed by the two artists. It means that there has been a lot of work in their rundown room in Fitzroy, but the result payed off. Definitely.

First Body is an impressive debut from a duo of artist that have found the perfect balance between intimacy, elegance, and obscurity. This is maybe the softer electronic music that we will hear in while, and it’s absolutely enjoyable.

My rating for the album is 7.5/10.

My favorite songs are: Look at Each Other, Fading, and Something to Talk About.

First Body is available on Bandcamp and it can be streamed also from Spotify.

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