Good and Free: Jeff Rosenstock, Destractive and Primordial Throne

It’s always a pleasure when a band or an artist choices to promote its music by giving the possibility to get the album for free. In this first week of the year I’ve found a bunch of very interesting LPs that have been published on bandcamp and made available for free download. Check them out! We have three different genres here: punk, thrash metal and atmospheric death metal.


After contributing to a number of punk bands in the U.S., American rocker Jeff Rosenstock started in 2012 an interesting solo career which already geneated 4 albums, the last one published on January 1st of 2018.

The new album from Jeff Rosenstock, POST-, is available on bandcamp and it can be downloaded with the “Name Your Price” formula, with no minimum value (i.e. it can be downloaded for free). After just a few days since its publication, the LP has already received very good reviews from a number of online magazines. The record contains in fact a very good collection of genuine, immediate and extremely engaging rock songs.

POST- takes the anxiety and effervescence of Jeff’s past material, and dips it into a sleeker metallic realism that somehow paints a better picture of the modern American better than WORRY (his previous LP). The true beauty of Jeff’s musical evolution on POST- is not its convenient consistency, or the more ambient production, but perhaps the messages entangled in the mess. POST- is a record that’s absolutely fed the fuck up with having to force happiness to stay alive, when it clearly doesn’t work. (sputnik music)


Destractive is a metal band from Helsinki, in Finland, which plays a combination of thrash and death with some elements from black metal. The band is active since 2007 but only this year they eventually arrived to publish a long-play work.

Their debut album, Propaganda, was released in the first days of 2018 despite the LP was recorded during the summer of 2015. The album is available for free download on bandcamp.


Primordial Throne is a one-man atmospheric death metal act living in Norway but born in British Columbia Canada. This metal project started in 2015 and after a first EP, released last year, there is now a first full-lenght album named Eidolon, published in the first days of 2018. Primordial Throne plays an interesting version of atmospheric death metal enriched with symphonic inserts.

The album can be downloaded for free on bandcamp.


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