The Sound of the Desert: The Best Sludge & Stoner Compilations of the Year

Here in this blog, stoner and sludge are not just two musical genres, they are the expression of a cult and I’m the faithful practitioner.

I’m collecting in this post the best mixtapes that I’ve published so far in 2017. In case you share the same passion for this kind of music, you’ll find here plenty of material to be enjoyed; selected, mixed and ready to be fired from the amplifiers of your stereo.

And don’t forget to visit the stoner ection of the blog for more material, charts and other nice stuff.




An healty dose of pure stoner rock, with the best artists of the year and a few gems from the past. One hour of uninterrupted energy and passion, featuring Mammoth, Mastodon, Mammoth, Sasquatch, Cortez, All Them Witches, Royal Thunder and many others.




You don’t always need to be fast to be strong. This is the heaviest and strongest mix of metal you will hear in a while. A compilation with the best stoner doom and psychedelic sludge released between 2016 and 2017, featuring Conan, Cobalt, Fistula, Paradise Lost and many others.




A selection of songs performed by John Garcia. Includes tracks from his solo works as well as from Vista Chino and Kyuss.



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