Guerino presents: BOUNCING ATOMS, Special Selections in Electronic Music, Volume 01 / Vintage & Electro-Swing (07/2017)

Readers of the blog will have noticed that I’m launching in the last few weeks a new series of mixtape, each one dedicated to a specific musical genre. The idea is to collect in a more structured way the various mixes that are published frequently on the blog and to present with them the best new music that is released for every different category. BOUNCING ATOMS will be the mixtape series collecting the best of new electronic music. Given the huge heterogeneity of sub-genres within electronic music, each chapter of the series will be devoted to a specific theme. Firs volume is dedicated to the funny and crazy world of Electro Swing, a genre which fuses dance-floor rhythms with modern jazz and vintage swing inserts. This kind of electronic music is getting a lot of attention nowadays because of a number of very talented musicians that are producing incredible albums.

Main contributors to Volume 1 of the mixtape series are Tape Five, Parov Stelar, Chinese Man and Phoenix. There are also a couple of special tracks featuring Waldeck and Igorrr.

Enjoy this selection of tracks selected and mixed by Guerino and follow the blog for future updates.


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