June 2017, Best Rock Album of the Month: Mosaic by 311

311 - 1280x300

Long time alternative rockers three-eleven came back after three years since their last LP with another excellent release. Their last album, named Mosaic, is the twelfth studio album of their long career and in the few weeks that have now passed from the date of release, it has already received very good reviews from both music critics and fans.

The band has achieved a very good recognition in the alternative rock scene for their smooth but energetic rock anthems, most often featuring very nice and enjoyable influences from reggae and ska. And their last production definitely confirms their unique skill in mastering so many different genres into a captivating and coherent package of songs. Possibly one of the most complete rock albums of the last few months, Mosaic keeps the band’s unique rap/rock/reggae mix alive and at same time introduces a few additional elements in their palette of sounds which make the album somehow new and refreshing.

What puts Mosaic into another realm is the fact that 311 have not only made a really strong album, but they progressed. They forged new territory. By introducing some outside songwriters to the fold, a different style of production and taking some really big chances, 311 have shown their unwillingness to remain stagnant. Not many bands are still growing twelve albums into their career. But most bands aren’t 311. (311.com)


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