Night Driving / a Mixtape with the Best of Progressive Rock in the first half of 2017

The last month has been very important for Progressive Rock, mostly because of a couple of very good releases. I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical about the idea of a new album by Anathema, a band which I really loved in the past but that embarked – at least in my humble opinion – into a repetitive and uninspired road. At the same time I didn’t  know what to expect from the new album of The Afghan Whighs, whose first album after the reniunion didn’t impress fans and critics. What I discovered, instead, was a couple of very great works, which were immediately “assaulted” to compose this new playlist. The remaining of the compilation is completed with other beautiful tracks from the best releases of the previous months, including the new albums by Blackfield, Grails, Barock Project and The Mute Gods.

Enjoy! And feel free to recommend any missing band – if any!


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