April 2017, Best Progressive Rock Album: Detachment by Barock Project


Barock Project are a talented rock band from Modena, in Italy, which has the declared objective to mix together ’70s progressive-rock with classical music. In their musical career, which is now over 10 years long, these musicians have already released a number of studio albums and one live disc before the beautiful Detachment, the disc that was published on late March and which is the fifth studio LP of their discography.

The album is clearly reminiscent of the standard tradition of Prog Rock, both in terms of the overall sound which the band managed to craft in the year that they spent in the studio for the recording and also for the classical “suite-structure” of most of the songs. But such a glance to the past is limited to the form of the music they play, because beyond the external cortex there are beautiful and very interesting songs which show an undeniable creative vein and also a remarkable unique ability in the combination of elements coming from different musical experiences.

I started so many years ago writing music to feel good, I think this is the main reason why I do it. And at times you realize that you can do very well without writing long and complex suites, basically forced by the fact that this music labeled “Prog” must necessarily have all these features to be it. But I think that this, too, can be considered kind of a Detachment … and so I felt free to write more easily. I always thought that if the music I write comes from within then it is honest. And if I’m honest with myself, I’m happy. (Luca Zabbini, project founder, pianist vocalist of the band, from House of Prog)

A few songs from Detachment may be accessed through the album’s Bandcamp page, we have here selected some of our favorite tracks.


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