April 2017, Best Rock Album: In The End by Nothington

NOTHINGTON Band - 1280x300

In the End is the new studio release by San Francisco alternative-punk rockers Nothington. The album interrupts a period of silence of almost five years since their last studio release and it arrives when the band is celebrating ten years of activity. Born on the ashes of their former band Tsunami Bomb, Nothington’s founders Gabe Lindeman and  Jay Northington have developed through the years a special and successful mix of catchy end energetic punk rock, which allowed them to gain a relatively high commercial success and made them as one of the most important rock groups from the Bay Area.

In their last work, the guys from Californian repeat their successful musical recipe without any particolar innovation: radio-friendly catchy rock and melodic punk-rock anthems. There are a few moments where the tones are a bit more thoughful and introspective, but the essence of the album is definitely on the energy side. Sometimes we don’t need at any cost musical innovations or masterpieces, but just nice and good rock songs to put in our musical playlists.





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