Good and Free: Firebird by Helengard

HELENGARD - 1280x300

Helengard is a contemporary folk metal project found in 2005. Their discography, however, is not particularly rich given that they released their first album in 2010, which is now followed by a second album, Firebird, that has been shared a few days ago on Bandcamp.

The two musicians behind the group, however, are far to be unknown. Anton “Hvar” Belov (who plays all the instruments) and Alina “Witch_A.” (singer), are two of the supporting members of the legendary Kauan (a band that here in this blog we love beyond any reasonable limit). As a matter of fact, Helengard may be thus be considered an effective spinoff of the main project of the two artists. And this, by itself, makes this album definitely of interest to us.

In addition to that, there are a couple of relevant things to point out. First, the album may be downloaded for free in MP3, FLAC and other formats (actually you can name your price if you want to actively support the band). Second – and most important – the songs of the album are really nice to hear! Check it out.


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