Early Plays: Async by Ryuichi Sakamoto

SAKAMOTO - 1280x300

Legendary Japanese pianist and composer Ryuichi Sakamoto will release a solo album in April 2017, named Async. The 15-track LP marks the composer’s first original album since 2009’s Out Of Noise and will be his first since after recovering from throat cancer.

According to the release notes which have been published with the tracks, this album represents a score for a non existing movie by soviet filmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, while at the same time taking inspiration from “everyday objects, sculpture, and nature.

There are a few tracks available on YouTube, which show rarefied atmospheres, delicate and distant sounds, and the adoption of a substantially slow pace with a minimalistic approach to songwriting. Interesting, but it’s quite unlikely that this will remain as one of the most memorable works of who still remains as a great musical genius.



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