Great Expectations: Avishai Cohen’s “Jazz Free” project

Israeli double bassist and composer Avishai Cohen is one of the most acclaimed musicians in the Jazz scene. He developed a signature sound which is a fantastic blend of Middle-Eastern and eastern European influences andthe talented musicians has been involved into a large number of heterogeneous projects, from conventional jazz trio to orchestral music. As we can read from his website, this year brings another musical direction for the artist, who’s going to present us a project called Jazz Free. Avishai Cohen is assenbling a new band of musicians that have little to do with standard Jazz and he claims that his new music will have a groove sound and further musical interactions among  different genres.

The new album is scheduled for September 2017, we are confident however that some advance track will be made available before the summer. Or at least is what we hope! Until today, in fact, this wonderful musician has always managed to stretch the boundaries of Jazz whilst maintaining his own attitude and excellent musical standards. We’ll be here waiting for this new chapter of his career and in the meantime we can keep enjoying the best songs from his great discography.





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