February 2017, Best Stoner Album: Sleeping Through The War by All Them Witches


Here in this website we already commented positively the advance tracks we had the opportunity to hear for Sleeping Through The War, which is the new album from the American stoner band All Them Witches. After a couple of weeks, and after having reviewed the remaining tracks, we can for sure confirm the positive opinion about the album.

Starting from the very first track of the album we are drawn into the obscure and melancholy territory created by the band, full of psychedelic references grafted into the roots of catchy melodies and stoner sounds. Sleeping Through The War is representative of the more intimate and poetice side of this musical genre,  and this disc is expected to stay with us for a long time through the next months.

Musically, this is a combination of stoner rock and space jams slathered with a psychedelic metal haze. The result is somewhat like a combination of Pink Floyd, Hawkwind and a less manic version of Monster Magnet. (American Songwriter)

Guerino’s rating: 7 / 10.

Most beautiful songs: Bruce Lee, Am I going up?


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