February 2017, Best Thrash Metal Album: Primal Attack’s Heartless Oppressor

It was a tough fight between two albums that have really impressed us by their quality, but in the end the thrash metal record that we liked most comes from Portugal, and it is the second LP by Primal Attack, named Heartless Oppressor.


This five-piece band from Lisbon produced such a beautiful work that even if strongly inspired from the works of Pantera, Hatebreed and Machine Head, it contains so many original features that establishes itself as a unique piece in the modern metal scene. This is a strongly energetic disc, at times brutal, fully packed with catching riffs and melodies. These guys from Portugal must have some special gift if they managed in less than five years and only two albums to achieve such a maturity in balancing different metal influences, spanning from groove to death metal. This is a disc that we definitely recommend and we expect big things in their future.

Guerino’s rating: 7 / 10.

Most beautiful tracks: Halfborn, Strike Back.

This is the first album this year that I can call an absolute balls-to-the-wall, no frills, uncompromisingly brutal metal album in its sheer intensity. Heartless Oppressor is exactly the sound of all the world’s major powers nuking the fuck out of each other. (No Clean Singing)

If fat, modern thrash riffs is your bag, then Primal Attack is for you. The band wield some massive groove, and their songs are surprisingly memorable for a genre that can become stale very quickly when not done right. (Spirit of Metal)



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