February 2017, Best Jazz Album: Nicolas Kummert’s La Diversité

The last month has seen a few major Jazz publications, starting from long-awaited solo album of legendary guitarsit Ralph Towner. But the record that we liked the most came from a young Belgian jazz singer and tenor saxophonist, Nicolas KummertLa diversité, which is  Kummert’s last solo release, is indeed a beautiful album which takes inspirations from different sources and manages to mix them together with astonishing results. Many tracks are inspired by the African tradition, which is today one Kummert’s characteristic features after the two months he spent in Senegal as a teenager, then there are a few tracks where the artist interprets famous pieces of classical music,  such as Satie’s Gnossienne, or popular modern songs like Cohen’s Halleluja .


On this record Kummert is accompanied by Benin-born guitarist Lionel Loueke, who gave a very significant contribution to the entire album and a further touch of Africanism to most of the songs. The two musicians are also supported by Nicolas Thys (double bass) and Karl Jannuska (drums).

Whilst Kummert’s carefully crafted compositions and serpentine saxophone lines are absolutely key to La Diversité it’s Loueke’s subtle contributions which propel it to the next level. (All About Jazz)

La diversité is not an album wnich you can just put in the background during your busy evenings; you need to listen to it carefully in order to enjoy its curious and inspired musical lines.

Guerino’s rating: 7 / 10.

Favourite Songs: GnossienneHalleluja



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