February 2017, Best Electronic Album: Chinese Man’s Shikantaza


This month there has been an electronic album which left us literally speechless.This is Shikantanza, the new release by the French electronic collective named as Chinese Man. The album presents an overwhelming combination of groove, funky, hip hop and everything is mixed together with disparate ethnic references. The album is nice and varied, there are many songs that stand out for their brilliance and creativity, but at the end it is the average level of all the tracks which hits you and leave speechless. Shikantanza is made to be listened and listened again, this is one of those albums that you can easily play in the background during your day for hours and hours and never get tired of listening to it. But sometimes you will find yourself turning up the volume and dancing alone like a fool, captured by one of the many vintage rhythms that punctuate the entire disc.

Guerino’s rating: 8 / 10.

The most beautiful tracks: LiarMaläd and The New Crown.

Background information about the collective:

  • Chinese Man is mainly consisting of three members, i.e. the three DJs Marseille Zé Mateo, High Ku and SLY. They are often supported by a few beatmakers including Leo le Bug and Le Yan.
  • The group received a certain notoriety a few years ago after their song I’ve Got That Tune was used in a commercial for Mercedes. The song was included in their 2007 release The Groove Sessions Vol.1.
  • Shikantanza is the tenth album in the main discography of the group, which includes a few live and remixed albums.


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