Best of the Best, Guerino’s Playlists in February 2017: Rock / Punk / Stoner / Metal / Jazz

The end of February is approaching, let’s listen the greatest hits that have entertained the early days of this year.

Progressive Sounds / 6 wonderful tunes from Grails and Blackfield. Recommended for everyone who appreciates the elegance of modern progressive, with a pinch of psychedelia.

Best of new Stoner / A half hour trip in the Arizona desert in the company of coyotes and rattlesnakes.

The Delicate Sound of Tears / After dinner, a bottle of wine, candles, incense, the love of your life next to you (or your cat), and this fantastic playlist playing in the background. Intense and delicate. Maybe the best you can hear in these days on every genre.

Brand New Contemporary Jazz Songs / Contemporary Jazz is for those who listen to the past with a look into the future.

The Best Thrash Metal Songs / Pure energy and frenzied pace in this frantic selection of thrashy pieces. The beginning of the year has been very prolific for this eternal and glorious musical genre.

The Rock Wave / A 30 minutes selection of songs that will leave you literally breathless. Ideal for running.

Author: selectedbyguerino

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