Early Plays: Obituary’s Self Titled album

Class and style never get old if you are one of the most influential and renowned metal band in the world, especially if you never stop dedicating all of your talent into everything you publish. Obituary band needs no introduction, they are among the best things which happened in the death metal scene ever, period.

Obituary are about to release their new album, which is self titled as Obituary. The LP will be out oh March 17th but two tracks (Turned to Stone and Sentence Day) may be already download on bandcamp and are also available on YouTube. Another track (Ten Thousand Ways to Die) was included into last year live album from the band, and its probably the best of these three anticipated tracks.

From a musical point of view, these early tracks from the new album confirm the path that the band has embarked in the last ten years from the complex structures of theirs first LPs towards a more “thrashy” and approachable metal style. If such an immediacy of the musical impact will be matched however by their signature quality of the songwriting, we can definitely expect another classic album in their long discography.


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