Best Indie & Alternative Rock in 2017 (so far)

Edit: there is a new chart for Indie, Punk and Alternative Rock. Check it out from the homepage.

The top five albums within the Indie & Alternative Rock category (first update in 2017).

  1. Near to the wild heart of life by Japandroids. The long awaited third full-length release for the Canadian rock duo. The band has slightly eased the aggressive tone of their musical approach but maintained a good emotional tension in all the tracks of this superb rock album. See them performing the title track of the album.
  2. 11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory by Dropkick MurphysThe ninth full-length release for the Celtic punk rock band. Despite a few songs below their average, the group continues to produce a pleasant and cheerful rock music. See the official video for the song “Blood“.
  3. Night People by You me at Six. The fifth studio album by the English rock band, for many critics  it’s their most natural and accomplished step so far. See the official video for their title track.
  4. Blood Album by AFI. The tenth studio album by the Californian rock band just topped no.1 at Billboard rock chart. See the official video for the song “Aurelia“.
  5. Life Without Sound by Cloud Nothings. The long awaited fourth full-length studio release for the Ohio indie rock band doesn’t reache the beauty of their earlier publications but remains an excellent example of modern rock. See the official video for the track “Modern Act“.




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